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Kiron and VSoftCo Combine for Virtual Sports


One problem that sports betting fans have ran into for over a century is the simple fact that the season for their favorite sports will only last for a portion of the year. Virtual sports is a concept that emulates the experience of betting on sports normally, and one of the big advantages is that you can play it whenever you want instead of having to rely on the regular season itself. With this key advantage in mind, VSoftCo and Kiron Interactive are going to expand their partnership so that they're able to offer a larger virtual sports selection to their players.

Details on This Deal

Kiron Interactive has mostly focused on the virtual dog and horse racing markets while VSoftCo has focused mostly on things like motion capture and other technologies that expand their experience for virtual versions of sporting events. Because people who like to bet on one often like to bet on the other, they've decided to pool resources for a mutually-beneficial arrangement. These companies have worked together in the past for a number of years, and now they're leveraging that arrangement and the synergy that comes from offering advanced experiences in both types of betting and giving players more high-quality virtual betting options.

How Virtual Sports Betting Works

Some people have reservations about betting on virtual sports, but it's really no different than betting on a slot machine or the outcome of a roll of dice. The teams that are created and put together for virtual sports teams are simulated with complex computer programs, and the odds for betting on each team are based on what they believe the chances of winning are for each side. In the same way that people bet on sports, you choose the side that you think will win or that will be the best value for the odds offered.

One factor of virtual sports that many have found enticing is the idea of getting to know the algorithms better than the site itself. This is based around the idea that having a better understanding of the possible outcomes could put players in a position to consistently pick out profitable bets in virtual sports leagues. While there is some merit in the concept, no one has publicly announced that they're able to do this so far.

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