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Yggdrasil Runs €50,000 Jungle Books Slot Tournament Event


The newest release by Yggdrasil is the Jungle Books slot, based on the popular books by the same name that center around a classic story of a boy raised in the jungle. They are celebrating the release of this game with a big event that boasts a prize pool worth €50,000 between a leaderboard-style tournament and a raffle giveaway.

How to Take Part

Any real money play on the Jungle Books slot will qualify you for this event between September 22 and September 28, 2017. You'll earn a place on the leaderboard based on your single best winning spin in terms of the number of coins won (relative to your bet size), so everyone can take part with an equal chance of winning no matter how big or small your bankroll or bet sizes happen to be.

Prizes and the Raffle

The top spot on the leaderboard wins a trip to national parks in India that were the setting of the novels by Kipling that inspired the books that in turn inspired this slot.

A total of €45,000 is being given away on the leaderboard, and that's a pretty hefty sum of money. However, there's another €5,000 that will be given away in a raffle that will include the top 700 players on the leaderboard. This raffle runs from September 29 through October 1, 2017, and it gives you even more chances to take home some serious prizes. This is a great amount of money that you can win from just for playing the newest title by this software company.

About Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming knows how to get players excited for their games. While they produce particularly high-quality content to begin with, they also host events like this Jungle Books slot tournament to give players big value for trying out what they have to offer. They're literally giving away money and trips around the world for players to enjoy this game, and that's hard to argue with. They've also included their BRAG social media sharing tool in this event with this slot, so you can share with everyone how well you're doing in the tournament.


Press Release, Jungle Books, September 22, 2017

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