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LeoVegas Group Invests In


It's been announced that LeoVegas, through their LeoVentures subsidiary, has bought just over half the shares in Pixel Holding Group,which runs online sports betting company The €1.5 million purchase of 51% of will open up new markets for LeoVegas. aims to create the greatest e-sports betting experience for their players.

The investment was made with a new issue of shares and gives LeoVegas a new partnership with an innovative operator. is a mobile-first betting platform that compliments LeoVegas. They have become the first operator to introduce log in with mobile bank ID and to provide instant withdrawals. Their strong technological background will help both companies in the drive towards development of the premier online gambling experience. is looking to expand across Scandinavia, with a view to grow internationally in the future. The purchase is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2018 and is not projected to have much of an impact of earnings or the financial position of LeoVegas Group.

In we have found a passionate team of entrepreneurs who come from the esports community. With its strong technology and mobile-first gaming experience, is a perfect match for the LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group.

Robin Ramm-Ericson, Managing Director of LeoVentures and co-founder of LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group


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by Arthur Arthur