It’s not a whole lot of slots you are going to run into with n2-Live , nor are they exactly the company’s own products. This provider is mostly concentrated on running their live studios, which provide a host of live casino table games. The company holds a license from Isle of Man, and the Philippines, which allows it to distribute and run the games across a wide variety of online casinos.

Besides the slots and live games, a host of RNG casino games are offered. These concentrate on bringing about the live experience but with animated hosts and the ability to set your own pace for the games. Altogether it’s a rather small, but ultimately very interesting selection of games. Let’s check them out.

Online Slots

The company is partnered with EA, who in turn offers games from Hotdog Gaming. All the slots seem to be from this same provider, and they are offered together with the live gaming platform. These games are always developed with mobile casino players in mind, which means that even when playing on desktop devices the screen space is limited.

Some of the games you’re going to encounter:

  • Super Road Machine
  • Sushi Saga
  • Book of Antique
  • Great Speech
  • Civilization of Bullbull

The company definitely has a casual touch when it comes to themes. They aren’t really afraid to use all sorts of source material, with political news, ancient civilisations, and popular casino games all serving as source material. The most important bit is that the graphics, animations, sound effects, and other similar factors are well done, yet remain light so as not to strain your smartphone too much. From that sort of entertainment perspective, these games are quite fun to play.

n2-Live doesn’t dive too deep into different mechanics, mostly using paylines in their games, coupling the paytable with wilds, scatters, and bonus games. However, they never simply copy different setups across the games, making sure that each of the slots come with a unique setup. Not all the games fall into standard methods either, and as the selection increases we expect to see more and more specialized slots.

Automated Table Games

If you want to play anything from baccarat to sic bo, but don’t want the traditional automated table game experience, nor the one enhanced by live dealer, check out the games from n2-Live. These are called RNG games, and they use the same, or similar interface, from the live dealer games, but replace the dealers with their animated counterparts. Interestingly enough, many of these games tend to offer an array of side bets, which can increase the possible wins to a whole new level.

You can also try out Casino Holdem, which according to the casino is the first multiplayer Holdem. This isn’t to be confused with normal poker, as it is still very much a table game rather than a card game.

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Book of Antique

2.0 /5 n2-LIVE Antique Video
Book of Antique

Book of Antique

Rated 2 /5

Software Name n2-LIVE

Theme Antique


Type Video

Casino Slots
Casino Slots