Zitro Online Slots

Zitro holds its headquarters in Luxembourg, but for all other purpose originates from Spain. This is the company’s strongest market area. This has made them a bit of a sideshow when compared to the other European game providers. Of course, this does not apply to the bingo products which are almost without equal in the online markets. These are also starting to be available quite widely.

Thing is, they have been concentrating on the Latin American markets, as the Spanish have historically done for hundreds of years. As those markets are rising so is Zitro. They are quickly spreading throughout online casinos, and within a handful of years are poised to become a big name in the industry.

Have you ever been to Spain?

Zitro has both online and land-based slots, and the latter of these are currently its strongest suit. These are widely available in Spain, and Spanish speaking countries due to aforementioned reasons. They are not all that famous outside of Spain, as they wouldn’t be without an online presence.

As of 2016 Zitro has decided to concentrate on online slots as well. They are quickly building up a remarkable portfolio, further helped by partnerships they are signing in order to distribute their games to a wider audience.

From cabinets to online slots

You have to remember that most of these games are designed for cabinets, that is to say, land-based gaming. Though the industry has taken quite a few leaps forwards they are still a few years behind the innovations in the online casinos. Despite this, Zitro slots do look and sound good.

A multitude of themes

There is quite some variance to the themes available in Zitro slots. Wild West, Dragon Ladies, cabarets, Asian influences, classic fruits, wild wolfs, and pretty much every other theme that you can think of is present in one form or another. There are usually three to five thematically connected slots, and several dozens of different categories they fit into. Enough variety to keep you interested for sure.

..with lots of similarities

However, you will quickly notice that the gameplay in these games tends to be quite similar. Not to mention that the symbols tend to offer the same combination of true and tested graphics. The reels tend to come in the same combinations. And as said, usually several of the games are connected by the cabinet they were designed for. For example, several games offer similar jackpots.

Despite these concentrations of similarities, there is still plenty of variety within the games. Jackpots and progressive jackpots, paylines that work from all directions, symbol combinations that yield big and small wins alike, wilds and scatters, bonus games, and so forth. You can certainly be entertained by Zitro games, you just need to find them.