How to Find the Right Slot Machine


When you enter a casino, do you really know where to go? Do you really know which is the right slot machine to play? A long time ago, there was an unwritten rule that the best slots are right near the entrance. 

If those were occupied, you needed to head down to the ends of the aisles to reach the second-best ones. Alas, the times have changed greatly, and the casino managers did, too. 

Due to numerous modifications that took place over time, these “rules” simply don’t apply anymore. 

The Basics

Both online and landbased casinos have slots, be it the real ones or their virtual counterparts, but one thing they do have in common is that they all have different payouts. The idea here is to search for the so-called loose slots. Loose slots are those that come with a higher return to player percentage

The basic tactic is to observe what do the locals do - which machines they play! If you happen to realize that there is a group of slots that no one would even touch, it’s probably for a good reason, as these are surely tight. The logical conclusion is that it’s probably best to stick with crowded areas of the casino floor. 

Keep in mind that It’s better to wait a while and play a loose machine than to hit it right away with a tight one. In some cases, an attendant will be willing to give out some info on which machines are loose and which are the tight ones. 

Loose Slot Locations

Different casino managers will have different strategies as to how they want to organize the machines on their casino floor, but there are only a few different approaches they can take. 

Here are some of the areas where you will find loose machines more often than not. 

Elevated carousels - This is only logical, as if people keep winning by playing machines placed on elevated carousels, everyone else is going to see them. Once other players see them win, they will want to do the same, as these machines can be seen from any area of the casino. 

Crossover areas - All the areas that intersect different parts of the casino, where people tend to pass between these are commonly ideal places for generous slots. Why so? Well, these are usually overlooked by folks who simply pass by them. 

Cafes and Snack Bars - These are there to go fetch some food or something to drink, but people usually don’t play the slots positioned nearby. This is why these areas are also well worth checking out when searching for a loose slot. 

Cashiers and Change Booths - Cashiers, change booths, ticket redemption machines, and ABMs are all places where players go to get some money. If you place some winning machines next to any of these, the higher the chances are that players will withdraw more cash to place some more wagers. It seems like a vicious circle, doesn’t it?

It all boils down to the fact that the regular customers will find out about the location of these loose slots sooner or later. That is why they tend to move around these machines, as that makes it harder for the locals to find them. Some players make a note of slot’s ID number or mark them somehow, in case it gets moved around. 

Tight Slot Locations


It’s a good idea to know how to spot the tight slots because that way it’s going to be easier to avoid them altogether. Here are some spots where you’d commonly find them. 

Secluded Areas - The secluded areas may look rather comfortable, but they are also where you will find tight slots. No winnings are the very reason why they are so quiet and secluded. 

Casino Entrances - These were once the places to put the loose machines, but, oh, how the tables have turned… Nowadays, you will never find a loose machine at a casino entrance because it would prevent players from going any further into the casino. 

Ticket and Show Lines - Now, these are the spots where people stand around and wait. So why not put some tight machines right over there, right?

Table Games and The Sportsbook - If you have slots placed around table games, they will always be tight so that they distract the players from their gameplay. It is exactly the same with those situated in close proximity to the Sportsbook. 

The Payout Meter

So, you’ve finally managed to nail the right area where they keep the loose machines, but the next step is to choose the right machine itself. 

This can be very hard, as there will always be several identical machines in the same area, and the best thing you can do is to go for the one that shows the highest jackpot on the window that shows the payouts. 

These are commonly located right next to the window that shows how many credits you have left. The next thing you simply must do is to check the previous amount that very same machine has paid out the last time around. 

Don’t forget the fact that all machines are controlled by Random Number Generators, but still, there are certain patters in any system of random numbers, right?

Once you are comfortable with your choice of a slot machine, sit down, relax, and try to have as much fun as you can.

by Matija Dagovic Matija