Types Of Slot Tournaments


All types of online slot tournaments have always enjoyed great popularity among casino players and for good reason - spinning the reels is fun but it’s so much more fun doing it to top the leaderboard and add a nice prize to your regular winnings. Over the last few years, the basic concept has been further developed and diversified to embrace the greatest possible audience of punters and cater to various gambling styles and preferences.

There is more to it than the simplified division into buy-in contests and freerolls, therefore if you want to make the most of your time and money, read on to learn about different types of slot tourneys and races. Equipped with this knowledge, you will easily identify an event worth a shot to add an extra layer of excitement to your usual pastime.

What Is An Online Slot Tournament?

What Is An Online Slot Tournament?Before turning directly to the great variety of casino tournaments available at online casinos, let’s take a brief look at the concept as a whole. Naturally, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, covering all events where punters spin against fellow slot buffs, aiming to hit the best score and be among those who get a share of the prize pool.

Luckily, it is never a “the winner takes it all” scenario, so the prize fund is divided between the top three, ten, or even thirty players – the bigger the event, the more participants can take home an award. The latter usually come in the form of cash or bonus spins, both types of rewards may be subject to wagering requirements or other terms and conditions. In short, every tourney has a leaderboard and a prize pool, however, the rules for entering and determining the winner, games allowed to play, timeframes (races are short tourneys), and other details may vary from one place to another, and, of course, depending on the type of a particular event.

Buy-In vs Freeroll

Buy In VS FreerollRegardless of their specific conditions and features, all online slot tournaments fall into two categories based on their entry rules: buy-in and freeroll. The former means players have to pay an entry fee to take part in a certain event while the latter provides absolutely free access. Buying a “ticket” doesn’t bring any advantage, however, as a rule, buy-in tourneys have more massive prize pools. On the other hand, freerolls are usually organized by casinos to offer more value to their customers or to say thank you to loyal patrons.

There is no unambiguous answer to the question of which of the two types is more beneficial. Undoubtedly, the idea of getting some extra cash or rounds without paying extra for that is incredibly tempting but before rolling up your sleeves, make sure the prize is worth spinning for. Then, a lot depends on the player’s experience and size of the bankroll – tournaments with smaller awards attract fewer players, boosting individual chances to win while bigger prizes capture the attention of a larger number of punters, with some of them being serious rivals.

Other Types Of Online Slot Tournaments

The world of contests for avid slot players is pretty diverse and it’s not that rare to run into a one-of-its-kind tourney you haven’t seen before. However, the majority of events offered by online casinos can fall within one of the types listed below.

  • Scheduled Tournaments

These are very common, being actually one of the major forms of buy-in tournaments. To join the fest, players have to register and pay for participation in advance.

  • Comped Tournaments

Just as their name suggests, comped tourneys are intended for loyal patrons. Websites with a well-established loyalty program run a wide variety of events to keep their customers entertained in the most thrilling and dynamic way.

  • Sign-up Freerolls

At some gaming platforms, free access to a specific slot tournament is included in the welcome package. Depending on the rules, an initial deposit may be needed in order to activate this promo.

  • Sit and Go Tournaments

These contests have a limited number of “seats” and as soon as all of them are taken, the spinning ‘n winning race can begin. In contrast to the scheduled events, Sit and Go counterparts do not have a pre-set starting time, so sometimes players have to wait for that “last passenger” to join the party.

  • Survivor Tournaments

One of the most competitive forms of casino events, it consists of several stages where the lowest placed participants are eliminated at the end of every stage while others can advance to the next level. The winner is decided in the final round.

  • One-Shot Tournaments

Based on the similar idea as the Survivor type, One-shot competitions are even more challenging and vying. Punters have only one chance to show their mastery and hopefully, move onto the next stage, making their way towards the main prize.

  • Reloader Tournaments

Borrowed from poker (we bet you’ve heard about WSOP with its staggering awards), the term describes a type of tournament where players have a possibility to re-buy into the race – a kind of a “second life” for those who want to pay for extra sessions.

  • Extender Tournaments

Similar to buy-in features in online slots that let players enter the bonus by paying a certain amount of money, Extender contests allow participants to buy extra features and boost their chances to win.

As you can see, online slot tournaments may differ considerably in their character and rules used to determine the winner. An inseparable part of the top-notch casino experience, they are an excellent source of adrenaline and excitement, of course, if you know how to choose the right tourney that will work for you. Remember to read carefully the terms and conditions attached to every competition that sounds like a decent opportunity – it is the most reliable way to figure out your perfect fit.

by Anna Anna