What to Do with a Winning Slot Machine


It is never a good idea to get stuck on a single slot machine, and we strongly recommend you keep moving on, at least until you stumble upon one that’s loose. 

Even when you find one that’s loose enough for you, you simply must avoid falling into a trap and making the same mistake the most players tend to make…

The Generous Payout Trap

This loose machine will give you a generous payout so it will basically chain you to itself, and you won’t be able to leave. You will simply continue playing and hoping that the next spin will provide you with an even greater win than the last one. If you stick with it for long enough, the machine will simply take back all that it gave with that single generous payout and you will lose all your profits. 

It’s a classic mistake, so don’t fall for that…

the generous payout trap

Running Away Already?

No matter how bad the previous paragraph might sound, it actually isn’t a good idea to the exact opposite, either. Some players think they’ve got the generous payout trap figured out just right, so as soon as they score a big win on a slot they tend to run away from it as soon as possible. 

So, what should you do, then? The proper way of handling such situations is to make your final spin and clear your winnings right after it.

Getting to know the right techniques and striking that fine balance, so that you can keep all your winnings and increase them is imperative here. You just need to know the exact wagers that need to be placed so that you have the machine pay you off some rather decent sums of money. 

Sure, all slot machines do payout in a completely random manner, due to Random Number Generators they all (well, most of them) have, but there are still some hints that could help you out when you pay a visit to a casino the next time around. 

The Mystery Behind the Numbers

Go on and take any set of numbers drawn in an apparently random order, and you will stumble upon a pattern in it all, or simply a repetitive set of numbers. 

the mystery behind the numbers

How can you apply this when you want to simply sit down, play some slot games, and score some cash? Well, you don’t need a crystal ball to know that each time a slot grants a winning, it will be followed by a period of standstill. Who knows when will the next favorable occasion will strike with this slot, right?

It is all a vicious circle of winning and losing, as we’d already explained at the beginning of this article, but things aren’t really that grim, so keep reading as we have yet another technique to share with you. 

Thinking Outside of the Box

The technique we wish to present to you is often referred to as the Box Technique. First of all, you simply need to set some limits for your bets. How does this work?

When you play the slot and reach the upper betting limit, you MUST cash out. If the slot still pays out some decent winnings, then it’s time to keep playing but only after you’ve determined some new betting limits. 

There is also the lower limit that needs to be determined, as well. Once you hit it, it means that you should stop playing immediately, as the number of credits you have has reached the lowest level. 

Still, there is no universal way of applying this strategy to all the slots out there. Walk into a casino, and simply set your own limits, and see what works best for you. If you are still not sure how to approach this, maybe you should follow the example set by a large number of players - the lower limit should never be larger than the double value of your first wager. On the other hand, the upper betting limit should never be larger than five times your initial bet. 

As long as the machine pays out, keep playing, following the “rules” set by the Box Technique.

by Matija Dagovic Matija