AE Sexy Software

AE Sexy is an Asia-focused software provider of live dealer solutions for the online casino industry.

Even though this industry niche is still not as crowded as, for instance, the slot vertical, the competition is very tough given that up-and-coming developers have to rival such iGaming giants as Evolution, Playtech, and others. AE Sexy is one of the few new kids on the block who have managed to break through and win the hearts of millions of players.

Just as the name of the company suggests, the emphasis is on seductive and appealing in a certain way live dealers. This is not to say that content itself, quality of streaming, or other important factors are put on the back burner, absolutely not. Simply, charming bikini croupiers, who, moreover, are ready to change their look to meet the demands of clients, are truly hard to beat.

Over a short period of time, the popularity of this unique software developer has skyrocketed, going far beyond the vast Asian region. More and more gambling websites that cater to a broad international audience including Europe started to offer games made by the company to their patrons. And it is just the beginning, no doubt, the future is bright for this exciting type of entertainment where plenty of blushing and rapid heartbeat are an inseparable part of the ultimate player experience.

AE Sexy History & Background

AE Sexy is one of those enterprises that prefer to keep a low profile and do not disclose too much information about their history and team. In fact, the official info is so scarce that it generates a lot of speculation, and, as a result, often misleading conjectures are presented as accurate data.

Needless to say, here at CasinoSlots, we always do our best to provide players with the most reliable and correct information, be it an online casino, payment provider, or game studio. This case is not an exception and, yes, we have done a bit of digging around to find out what’s behind the intriguing name. Actually, a similar situation is with many developers that stem from Asia, which, in contrast to their European or American counterparts, do not hurry to share the details with the public.

Without further ado, this software developer is part of TGP Asia, a subsidiary of TGP Holdings focused on the operations in the region. The Gaming Platform (TGP) has years of experience and expertise in running B2C gaming websites but players, probably, mainly associate it with sports betting. If anything, everyone who pays even the slightest attention to the industry news, remembers the sensational story about 10 Premier League clubs with eight online betting partners targeting Asia, all linked to one company in the Isle of Man. Well, the company in question was TGP Europe, however, to the delight of players, the time showed it was not involved in the unpleasant situation.

Also known as Sexy Gaming and AE Casino, AE Sexy was launched back in 2016 to cater directly to the needs and wants of players from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and other Asian countries with a high interest in gambling. It did not take long for China to follow suit, which comes as no surprise given the enormous market of until very recently the world’s most populous country. The company is based in Thailand where all forms of gambling are legal while there is no special legislation to regulate internet gaming activities.

TGP Holdings is also known for its impressive range of other gaming brands, including AE Chess, AE Lottery, and AE eSports. The state-of-the-art platform also provides white-label services with more than three dozen tailor-made templates designed to support multiple languages and currencies.

Sexy Dealers

As already said, dealers are what makes this software developer stand out from the crowd. It’s no secret, croupiers and presenters of live casino games are the most essential part of the player experience and they are expected to meet the highest professional standards – just like their colleagues who work at luxurious brick-and-mortar venues located on the Strip or in Macau.

The idea of bikini dealers is not new but definitely originated in Asia. SA Gaming, another famous company from the region, is widely known for its Sexy Hall, a top-notch line-up of tables set inside an ocean-themed studio with a strong vibe of South American spirit. AE Sexy, however, has gone much further than that, offering several styles of studios where dealers can be dressed differently to conjure up a wide variety of exciting scenarios.

Besides being attractive, dealers have also to be skilled, demonstrating the highest level of training and ability to be focused on the game and chat with patrons in a relaxing and pleasant way at the same time. By the way, it is not easy to become an AE Sexy dealer as even experienced candidates have to pass several tests and successfully undergo additional training. Seasoned baccarat or blackjack players know how to tell a true professional from “an actor” - one glance at how the croupier is moving the hand over the dealt cards to ensure there is no cheating is enough.

The appearance of the presenter, however, is of utmost importance as it has to appeal to the widest possible audience. Keeping pace with the latest trends, the company leverages AI technology to digitize and visualize the aesthetic elements that have the highest chances of being liked by the majority of players. Then, these elements are used for the creation of appealing faces, which are put into the database for matching, with the hope of finding a real person with the “perfect” face.

One more thing worth noting is that AE Sexy also uses man dealers, but such tables can be only found at selected online casinos. The provider is also famous for its engaging pajama parties run from time to time as rewarding promotional events that usually attract a great number of live casino fans.


Since games from this software provider are targeted at Asian players, the choice of languages is respective, ranging from Chinese and Vietnamese to Korean. The main language is Thai, which is natural given that the company is based in Thailand and at the very beginning, was oriented on Thai players. The brand takes pride in its native-speaking croupiers who make premium entertainment easy to hear, read, and understand.

As for the English interface, it is available at certain online casinos that have clientele from other countries than those located in the Asian region. In addition to that, certain tables can be run by English-speaking dealers but, again, the choice of such options may differ greatly from one gambling website to another.

Clean and Simple UI

According to many, the user interface from AE Sexy is one of the cleanest and sleekest. Indeed, it is built to let players cut straight to the chase without long hours of studying numerous buttons and their functions. Even newbies will easily understand the gameplay and how things work without any additional instructions.

In the lobby, the menu is located on the left side of the screen and displays four buttons to select one of the available games: Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Sic Bo. Once players have made their choice, they are set for a seamless experience in the company of charming dealers and fellow gamblers. The account status is available in the upper left corner of the lobby at all times while customer support can be reached 24/7 if any assistance is needed.

Live games are streamed 24/7 from several studios located across the region, all content is fully mobile optimized and, hence, easily accessible from all smartphones and tablets.

Live Baccarat & Other Games

Arguably the most popular game in fashionable Asian casinos, Baccarat is the flagship product of AE Sexy. For all gamblers who like this easy to play game able to deliver plenty of excitement and huge payouts, the company offers three types of rooms.

The Uniform Room is themed around the beauty and rich culture of Asia. It may feature both female and male dealers, however, as already mentioned, male presenters are available only at selected operators. The Stewardess Room is reserved for female dealers of Western appearance and intended for patrons looking for foreign charms. Finally, there is a special SM Room fully tailored to fulfill the boldest fantasies of male players. Here dealers can be dressed as students, nurses, or other characters in accordance with the customers’ wishes.

Dragon Tiger is another popular game that originated in Asia and is well beloved by many punters, including those who generally play slots. This software provider uses a 5-card Western deck and traditional rules, which are seen in the majority of other DT titles. The same is true for its Live Roulette and Live Blackjack which do not differ from classic variants you can find in the lobbies of other software providers. As for Sic Bo, this engaging dice game is also very simple to play but can generate truly impressive prizes for lucky winners.

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