Barcrest Software

Barcrest is a very interesting site as far as producing online casino games goes. They were actually first established in 1968, and many of their popular titles online are based around their most popular land-based games. They have their headquarters in the United Kingdom, but they were purchased by the gambling juggernaut Scientific Games back in 2011. Despite this, they still run largely as their own company without a tremendous amount of interference.

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The Land-Based Influence

One of the things that makes Barcrest stand out so much is that you could play one of their games online before leaving your home to go play it in a land-based establishment. Their games are found all over the United Kingdom in pubs and other types of places, so their games aren't just found in casinos. The popularity of this company comes with decades of experience, and their game library has put them in a position where they can put together an online slot and know ahead of time that it's extremely likely to find an audience.

Game Selection

As you might expect from the above, their entire game selection is based around slots. In fact, virtually all of their games are found in land-based establishments as well, and the versions created for online casinos are made with the same game mechanics. However, their interfaces are changed to work for the online environment, so even though the actions you take to play the game can be a little different, the experience is largely the same. This has helped them to have a lot of success online, especially since they have a lot of great distribution deals for their content.

Quality Over Quantity

Something else you have to understand about this company is that they focus on quality instead of quantity. There is really no need for them to try to release as many games as possible because there's no advantage in them to take that approach. Barcrest is very careful about how they pick the games that take an online form, and they have done a great job with those choices in the past. To this end, it's clear that online isn't necessarily the most important part of the industry for them, especially with their massive land-based audience.


The thing about Barcrest is that they fall squarely into the "quality over quantity" category that many newer software developers fall into in this industry, but they don't have the issue of being a newer, unproven company hanging over their heads. Instead, it's quite the opposite, and Barcrest was one of the biggest names in the land-based slot world before they were puchased by Scientific Games. Overall, this is a software company that will sit well with players who have enjoyed their land-based titles, but it will also be a good choice for online-only players who like high-quality slots.