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From time to time, a new software company will pop out of nowhere, brimming with creativity, shoulders above the sea of mediocrity. We can’t wait to tell you more about Black Pudding Games. 

Even though it sounds sweet yet somehow mysterious, black pudding is a savory specialty from the UK, and it is basically a sausage made from pork blood, so it’s really a name that’s way beyond cool.

Not only these guys are super-creative, they also seem to have an excellent sense of humor, as their slogan is “not just another bloody sausage factory”. Hilarious!

The company was founded in 2018 by three industry experts who seemed to share the same attitude and ideas when online gambling is concerned. When combined together, these odd fellows have more than 30 years of experience in iGaming and entertainment in general, and they say that their main goal is to be different from what the other software companies are doing, and they seem to rely on their genuine curiosity to pull it all off successfully. 

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Products and Services

Probably the most important fact about Black Pudding Games is that they’ve become an important part of 1X2 Network’s aggregation platform at the beginning of 2020. 

Following this lucrative agreement, all of their future games will be developed and published via the network’s game server. 

What does this mean? 

Well, the network has gained an important integral part, as Black Pudding Games will provide it with some top notch games, while the small software studio is in it simply for the fact that their games will be played by countless gamblers all around the globe. 

They are obviously in good company, as they will share the platform with such glitzy names as GamomatOryx, PGSoft, Habanero, GameArt, Playson, Leap Gaming, and the two proprietary studios - Iron Dog Studio and 1X2Gaming

Kevin Reid, the Chief Commercial Officer at 1X2 Network commented on the partnership: 

“I am delighted to welcome Black Pudding to the 1X2 Network family and for it to begin developing its highly innovative instant, slot and casino games on our remote game server.

We areproud to support smaller, more niche game developers and look forward to offering Black Pudding’s unique titles to our operator partners across the whole of the 1X2 Network infrastructure.”

On the other hand, Nathan Howes, the Director of Black Pudding Games couldn’t hide his excitement either:

“This is an excellent fit for us and means we can build our distinctive brand of games on one of the most sophisticated and well-established remote game servers in the industry. It also means we can access one of the largest distribution channels around the world.

We see this partnership with 1X2 Network as being instrumental in the future of Black Pudding Games and believe it will prove to be hugely successful for both parties, delivering a brace of intriguing new game formats into the hands of eager players worldwide in the process.”

About the Games


…for the sweetest part!

The games are what these guys are all about, and boy, we haven’t seen such cool games in a long while. Just keep in mind that their portfolio is not exactly big, it’s more on the tiny end of the spectrum…

Let’s start with what they call “the dynamic duo of Super Selector Scratchcards”. And these are Slice & Dice and Bun In The Oven. 

Have you ever tried the Match 3 online scratchcard formats? Well, Slice & Dice is a rather creative re-imagining of these highly popular instant wins, carrying a very dark yet humorous theme. The game puts you in the role of a “scratchcard surgeon” where you need to save lives of those who suffer from a rather rare condition called “Die-abetes”. 

Each patient has nine zones and you simply need to find the three magical dice in order to get your surgical fee, simple as that. Let’s not forget the Super Selector Bonus feature!

If you’ve seen these games earlier, Bun In The Oven will also look familiar, as it shares the same format and gameplay, but puts a whole new challenge in front of you. You need to create a perfect bake under Pat O’Cake, the baking champion of Ireland. Once again, you can make use of the Super Selector Bonus and Custom Pattern Autoplay. 

The only video slot they’ve released so far is called Aeterna, but it’s unlike anything else you’ve played before…

It is basically the world’s first Orbital Reactor game, with a unique reel arrangement, where you can match three or more symbols on the Orbital Paypath. Alongside these, you can also count on the Twin Win Booster Bonus and Free Spins Bonus to spice things up and increase your chances of scoring big wins. 

The game comes with a relatively high RTP of 96.19% and its maximum payout is theoretically unlimited. 


What started off as a small and modest software studio in 2018 is now a team of serious players, ready to take on the gambling world. 

As an important part of the growing 1X2 Network they are destined to win over many players around the world, and if they keep making such great games, their fan base will grow on a regular daily basis. 

Watch this space, you are going to hear a lot more about these guys, that’s for sure!

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