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deadmau5_microgaming_software_page1605607511To get a powerful influence in the iGaming community, a large team of experts is necessary, don’t you think? It is usually the case, but there are always exceptions. Such as Eurostar Studios certainly is.

This brand is proof that just two people can make a lot of difference with diligence, hard work, smart business decisions, clear vision and focus on creating innovative games that stand out. These people are Jerry Seelig and Tara Townsend – founders of this small, yet excellent brand.

With experience of over 20 years...
…Jerry Seelig worked in all forms of the gaming industry for top companies such as Scientific Games. As a designer of over 160 casino games and author of over 100 patents, his creative vision is the driving force of the company. With his all-star team of artists, animators, and audio engineers, Seelig brings his vivid ideas to life in a form of high-quality original titles.

On the other side...
…as a Chief Executive Officer of the brand, Tara Townsend brings management experience from specialty industries, and her expertise includes partnerships, licensing, marketing, and product strategy, and she brings a wealth of industry relationships and savvy business acumen that provide the studio with a distinct edge and fresh perspective.

When such accomplished professionals from different verticals partner up, success is imminent. With the help of their dedicated team of creatives, software specialists and business experts, this provider has made quite a fuss on the gambling scene and turned heads with its very first release. 

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The Company’s Vision and Core Values

The mission of the provider is proudly displayed on its official site, stating that the studio is “a boutique game developer, delivering distinct, eye-catching games that have a fresh and sophisticated perspective”. It is also stated that the releases are expertly crafted and polished, providing stunning visual stories in every reel.

We are accustomed to hearing such bold statements from almost every developer we’ve reviewed so far. But most of them can’t back up what they are preaching. Everyone is claiming they are the best, but the products aren’t supporting such self-promotion.

Regarding this provider...
…you will notice that there aren’t such overstated claims. Just the company’s vision and efforts to follow it true.

So, how does the brand plan to make this happen?

By following three pillars that are the core of the company:

  • Being creative - Guided by the belief in sophisticated simplicity, the team tend to architect experiences that are easy to enjoy, using refined designs that include “only the right bells and whistles
  • With storytelling – The studio designs captivating visual stories that spark engagement and open familiar worlds in bright new ways with eye-catching graphics and distinct narratives
  • Through testing - With a carefully curating eye and a knack for forging unique collaborations within the licensing space, the provider takes brands in new directions to create incredible contemporary slots

Teaming Up With The Slots King

Being a rising provider in the fiercely competitive market is quite a challenge. With new studios appearing left and right, it can be hard to stand out and make your mark. Attracting the interest of the biggest veterans in the business can help such studios in their reach for the stars.

That’s exactly what happened with this brand. It has caught the eye of nonetheless than the slots king itself – Microgaming. This iGaming giant is known for getting independent developers under its wing and providing them an opportunity to create games under its renowned name.

Microgaming’s list of prospective partners is growing rapidly, and this provider didn’t miss its opportunity to come on board and partner up with a leading iGaming company.
As a result of this cooperation...
...the first game that Eurostar Studios has developed exclusively for Microgaming has launched this brand into the center of attention and turned heads into its direction.

Product Line

For now, the brand can’t brag with a long list of games under its belt. In fact, the release designed for Microgaming is its first and only launched slot at the time.

…it is a premier title most young studios can only dream about. The news about it were the headliners in the industry for weeks. It seems like the whole gambling community couldn’t wait for its launch.

What’s the big deal about this release?

The provider's first-ever title is a DJ/Music-themed online slot by the name of Deadmau5. It’s a true homage of Canada’s most well-known Electronic DJ’s - Joel Thomas Zimmerman. Inspired by its music tour Cube V3one, the slot brings engaging gameplay enriched with numerous special features and 243 ways to win.

Announced in February 2020, Deadmau5 has been one of the most anticipated slots of the year.
It was finally debuted in November 2020, showing all the potential of its creator that got a lot of praises, including the ones from the artist himself, stating that he’s thrilled “to finally have a game of his own”.

Andrew Booth, Director of Games at Microgaming has also expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with the studio:

We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Eurostar and deadmau5 to create Microgaming’s latest branded game, which has performed brilliantly during an exclusive release period with select operators.”

Studio With A Big Potential

Although the provider doesn’t have a lot to show for in the form of quantity, its quality is well represented in its debuting slot. It reflects the mission and all three pillars of the company, speaking volumes of the brand’s potential. Excellently executed, it brings something new to the table and truly stands out.

It is a perfect combination of outstanding graphics, interesting theme and storytelling, special features and a big winning potential that makes the gameplay thrilling and elevates the playing experience to a completely new level. We can’t wait to see what Eurostar Studios will come up with next, but judging by its debuting game, it will be extraordinary. 

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