Fantasma Games Software

Fantasma Games is a company known for producing high-quality online slots, and they also focus on virtual reality games as well. They were launched primarily with veteran members with lots of experience at major companies in the online gambling world, and they have their offices located in Stockholm, Sweden. This company has been in operation since 2016, and in that time, they have shown that they very much have a focus on creating high-quality games above everything else.

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Slow But Steady Release Schedule

The first thing any player needs to understand about this company is that they are not out there looking to flood the market with games. Instead, every single title that they release is geared towards giving players an excellent experience, and with quality on the forefront instead of quantity, it can be quite a while between releases. They are also not a particularly large company with a huge team by any means, and they really just want to put out good games at a rate that fits what they are able to do.

High-end Online Slots

As is the case with a lot of software developers in the industry that focus on quality over quantity, virtually everything that this company has to offer is in the slot genre. Each one of their slots has a very serious degree of depth, and this comes from what is obviously a ground-up approach geared towards giving players the best overall experience possible. They achieve this through being super-solid in two main areas: graphics and gameplay.

On the graphical side, they have not followed the trends of 3D games all that much. Instead, they look more towards incredibly crisp 2D graphics along with alternative styles of animation that haven't been used very much in the industry. This helps to give players different types of experiences from a visual standpoint than they can get with games anywhere else.

When it comes to gameplay, they include features that keep the game exciting during regular play while also incorporating bonus features that give players something fun to look forward to when they are triggered. It's a great way of balancing out the two aspects of play, and it's something that really places a lot of emphasis on their focus on gameplay quality as a whole.


With Fantasma Games, you get a company that doesn't have the largest portfolio out there, but with what they do have available, they deliver in a major way. They're a developer that shows a lot of promise for the future as well with their steady stream of a few new releases each year and the fact that they have been able to get their games in front of a lot of new players simply because they produce such high-quality content. Overall, they're definitely a name that is producing titles that are up there with some of the best in the industry even though they aren't competitive in terms of overall volume of games.

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