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The name Golden Hero may not be as well-known as that of a number of other online casino developers, but they are an interesting company with some games that are up there in quality with the best that you can find online. They've been in operation since 2017, so they don't have a large portfolio of slots compared to many other developers in the same sector. They have their offices in Nassau as well.

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HTML5 Framework

The first thing to know about this developer is that all of their work is done in HTML5. This is extremely important for a number of reasons. First of all, it means that players can enjoy the same games on a variety of screen sizes. As you'll see below, this is key to their mobile initiative. With HTML5, you can also allow players to enjoy the same versions of games on a variety of different mobile and computer operating systems, which makes their offering particularly flexible. Being this flexible in a must in the modern era of online casino games.

A Push for Mobile

On the mobile end of things, they've made sure that all of their titles can be played on the go. This goes for playing via smartphone or tablet, and the way that they make this happen is through their use of the HTML5 platform, as we mentioned above.

The basic idea is that these games will run in your web browser app and automatically adjust themselves to the size of your screen. This means that their games will run great on a variety of mobile operating systems, and that includes devices that use iOS, Blackberry or Android.

The Overall Portfolio

This company knows that they are never going to catch up when it comes to the overall number of titles that they have available. Instead of trying to compete on that metric, they're focused on producing very high-quality titles, primarily in the slots sector.

They approach this from a few different angles. The visual elements of the games are obviously important, but they also make sure that there are a variety of different feature sets to pick from and different gameplay styles so that they all don't just feel like copies of each other with different graphics. This approach has worked very well.

In Summary

Golden Hero is a developer that's pushing forward into the online slots sector by giving players high-quality games that they can really sink their teeth into. This is a common strategy from lesser-known software companies in the online casino space because it's super effective. The game quality is definitely there, but they need more content distribution deals and more titles to pick from before the momentum really gets rolling. However, they definitely have everything they need to make it work in the long run as long as they keep at what they have been doing in the time they have been running.

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