Konami Software

If the name Konami rings a bell, it's no surprise. They've been producing some of the most popular video games in the world since 1969. They're responsible for everything from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game to the Castlevania series with titles on every major console and computer platform. They also produce tons of casino titles, both land-based and online. They have offices all over the globe as a result, including their headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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The Experience Edge

Because of the overwhelming amount of experience that they have available from their decades of producing all kinds of different games, they're able to use a somewhat different approach than most other casino game developers. This is often expressed as a focus on the player's experience instead of what the game itself offers, which aren't always the same thing. As a result, they end up getting a higher level of replay value than most of their competitors, and when you combine that with a pretty large portfolio of titles, it's hard to deny their overall popularity.

Variety of Titles and Innovation

As is the case with virtually all casino software developers, the vast majority of what this company has to offer is in the slots genre. However, they are also very innovative with what they offer, and a good example of that is with their Fortune Cup land-based horse racing game. You'll see actual toy horses run around a small track while you place bets at terminals around the game to bet on your favorites. Most online players might not care too much about this title in particular, but it shows the level of innovation that they have at their disposal.

Slot Selection and Quality

The quality of what they have to offer cannot be denied, but neither can the quality. They have a few hundred online and land-based games to pick from, and many of them are available both on the Internet and in land-based cabinets. This includes titles with their own themes and games with licensed brands like several slots in the Dungeons and Dragons line. The most popular RPG of all time has been brought to life with several different entries by this developer, and that's just one example of how they're able to bring high-quality games to the online slot genre.


The thing to understand about Konami is that they're not primarily an online slot developer. Instead, they're primarily a video game developer, and they started getting into casino software to expand their portfolio. Their experience in the video game sector has proven to be extremely useful, and you can see it with how they present their titles with excellent graphics, sound and gameplay. Overall, they're a good example for companies who might want to crossover into the casino genre, but it's going to be tough for other companies to see the success that they have because they're just so good at everything they do.