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Synot Games SoftwarePure HTML5 gaming might not be such a selling point as it was a couple of years back, but it certainly proves that the company is as deep in the game as it has ever been. No wonder their products come with the “games for true players” slogan. The company has been operating since 2016 with their main headquarters located in Bratislava, Slovakia. They are part of the larger Synot Group.

Integration into different platforms, support for a variety of currencies and languages, availability on any and all devices, and unique bonus systems are just some of the things that makes these online games stand out. Integrated on dozens of platforms, these games are widely available and growing in popularity by the day. Let’s take a deeper look at what sort of gaming you can expect from Synot.

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Online Slot Classics to Modern Masterpieces

It’s pretty clear that the company takes a lot of influences from the classic end of slot gaming. There are more than a few games that feature the usual bells and stars with a handful of paylines. But that is far from being the majority of games, as modern casino gaming is very much at the forefront, whether that comes in the form of slot design, influence or compatibility.

The fruity themes are joined by games that borrow from fantasy, mythology and popular culture. Never going too deep into the game, these setups allow the games to amaze you with great graphics, sound effects and animations.

You might first think that these games come with rather simple special features, but that only means you should take a deeper look. Sure enough, each game tends to only come with one main special function, but across all games the variety is mind-boggling. The same applies to the different ways of paying wins, which tend to either use the normal paylines, or ways to win. The more you look, the more you are going to find here.

Security and Fairness

Synot Games is licensed in Romania, Slovakia, Czechia, Malta, Great Britain, and Belgium. No doubt this list is more than enough to secure fair and responsible play, and to make sure that the games work exactly as advertised.


Synot Games is a wholesome gaming provider with experience and know how to give you a great experience amongst its online slot games. They are especially strong when it comes to classic slots, or rather the style and spirit of fruit slots. Their selection is reinforced and strengthened by a respectable number of licenses, a strong network of partners, and an excellent back-end software that comes with all sorts of added bonuses. Synot Games is a delight, and definitely worth checking out.

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