Yeebet Gaming Software

yeebet_reviewRecognized as one of the industry’s fastest-rising online casino software providers in Asia, YeeBet Gaming is globally renowned for its revolutionary live dealer games. Led by the motto “Fairness, Safety, and Assurance”, the brand is fully committed to the idea of ultimate gambling, which is not only thrilling but also secure.

Founded in 2018, the company is part of a large enterprise that also includes the state-of-the-art aggregation platform MetaSoft, payment provider Metapay, and two game studios: MGC Slots and UU Slots. The YB Group also takes pride in its robust Dk Gaming platform enhanced with the widest range of services, including player account management (PAM), anti-fraud, game management and reporting engine, payment management module, cashflow reporting, and CMS.

Yeebet Live has offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines, however, its headquarters are located in Latvia, a small European country that has been chosen by many providers of live casino solutions as the perfect place for their production hubs and studios. Holding prestigious MGA and Curacao licenses, the brand’s operational platform is also certified by Gaming Laboratory International (GLI).

Dedicated to creating games that easily become players’ favorites, the brand delivers not only immersive live dealer tables but also award-winning slots, bingo, virtual sports, a comprehensive sportsbook, and more cutting-edge products through one API. All gaming content is available in multiple languages and currencies.

Partner operators of YB Gaming can count on innovative software, enterprise-class infrastructure, and a rich selection of promotional tools, which are gaining momentum among punters of all styles and preferences. To span the largest player base possible, the company delivers its B2B online casino services through multiple channels and devices.

Yeebet Live Casino

live_gamesTo survive in the highly competitive iGaming industry, its participants have to go the extra mile in bringing their products and services to perfection. Of course, that is not an easy task, which requires constant innovation and development.

In this day and age, players are literally spoiled for choice, always looking for something new and more exciting than the game they played just a couple of days ago. Quality HD streaming, superb visuals, and masterful audio engineering have long been no surprise, therefore, the only surefire way to win the hearts of new patrons is to offer them a great diversity of gaming options and some unique features they cannot find anywhere else.

To offer a top-notch final product, Yeebet has penned a series of strategic partnerships with reliable live casino studios to take advantage of the most advanced software and hardware, as well as stunning designs able to recreate an authentic brick-and-mortar atmosphere. When it comes to a variety of gaming options, the brand’s portfolio features several variants of Baccarat and Roulette, as well as blackjack, Teen Patti, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Andar Bahar.

Live Baccarat

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is no better way to get the feel of the most popular casino game in Asia than playing Yeebet’s Live Classic Baccarat. Designed in black and gold, the fashionable studio is built in the best traditions of luxurious land-based venues of Macao, letting patrons tap into their festive atmosphere without the need to jump on a plane to fly to that far-away destination.

Recreating an authentic baccarat experience through the use of full-sized cards and dynamic gameplay, this variant also features such popular side bets as Pairs, offering players extra statistics that can be viewed via different roads. Naturally, at any given moment, each player can see the moves of other players sitting at the table.

A truly fast-paced alternative to the classic variant, Live Speed Baccarat is a perfect fit for all gamblers who do not want to settle for a standard 30-second round, looking for much faster action and maximum betting opportunities. Charming croupiers deal cards face-up, keeping the outcome time down to the minimum while each round brings a lot of suspense and excitement.

In addition to that, the most active patrons can enjoy the full benefits of the brand’s cutting-edge Baccarat Multi-play UI tool to place stakes at all available Live Baccarat tables at the same time, without the need to join each table individually. To keep an eye on all tables and closely follow the gameplay, players can use small versions of the betting grid and sort the tables in accordance with the longest streak for their selected road by clicking on the respective button.

Live Roulette

No doubt, European Roulette is a firm favorite of many online casino players who are attracted by its lower house edge in comparison to the American double-zero wheel. Coupled with a generous payout percentage, the easy and exciting gameplay makes it fun for everyone, all the more so, stakes usually start at just $1 and can go to a very impressive maximum bet of $1,000. More than that, high-roller tables often let punters wager $5,000 or even $10,000 to figure out their lucky numbers.

With European Roulette offered by Yeebet Gaming, players can experience all the thrills brought by spinning the single-zero wheel, trying to predict the outcome of each round. The table allows for all standard combinations, featuring an elaborate selection of wagers such as numbers, columns, and colors. In addition to that, there is a decent choice of features, including statistics, auto bet, favorite wagers, and, of course, Live Chat. Needless to say, players are welcome to choose the dealer they like the most and share their game with fellow gamblers.

Those who do not feel ready to join the live table or simply want to play against a computer can try Auto Roulette, an engaging game that uses a European single-zero wheel and Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the result of each spin. There are plenty of betting options, wagers can be placed on any number or combination of numbers, as well as on red/black or odd/even. Auto Roulette is a great variant for everyone who wants to master their skills before immersing into the authentic atmosphere of a land-based casino. Another advantage of the RNG tables is their convenience and much faster gameplay, although the RTP is usually lower than that of a live dealer game.

Live Blackjack

Arguably the most frequently played card game in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos, Blackjack has a rich history that is possible to trace back to the 18th century or even earlier. According to many sources, at that time it was called Vingt-en-Un, which is translated from French as twenty-one. Going through many different stages and changes, the famous 21 has become a synonym for uncomplicated gameplay able to generate massive rewards. Today, it has a wide range of variants and each has its special charm.

Live Blackjack from Yeebet Gaming was designed with the goal of providing players a real feel of the Strip where newbies test their own strategies next to the seasoned pros well-versed in all the ins and outs of this engaging game. No matter your knowledge and skill level, you’re gonna love the selection of tables and seats, as well as multiple bet-on features and interesting side bets intended to maximize eventual winnings.

Dragon Tiger

Another popular casino game that originated in Asia, Dragon Tiger is gaining popularity worldwide. Easy to understand and to play, it offers plenty of excitement and great odds, having a special appeal to high-rollers looking for fast gameplay and good winning chances. The product from Yeebet is particularly attractive due to its stunning design and advanced user interface that facilitates a seamless experience.

Teen Patti

An Indian game played with three cards, Teen Patti has certain similarities with poker, but the main difference is in much less complex gameplay. Each player gets three cards face-down while the goal is to assemble the best hand possible with what they have. The table can accommodate between two and eight players, and it is quite usual to have two pots (for the best and the worst hand) when the number of players is more than four.

The player who sits to the left of the dealer bets first, and once each player at the table has used their turn to either bet or fold, the dealer reveals cards. If at that point there are still players in the pot, they have to show their cards to see who has the best hand to strike the pot.

Andar Bahar

Another Indian game to win the hearts of a great many Western punters, Andar Bahar is simple to learn while every table can accept an unlimited number of players. The goal is to guess correctly which card will be the next to appear from the deck. At the beginning of the game, the dealer shuffles the deck and places cards in a line face down.

The chosen player makes his/her guess on whether the next card will be lower or higher than the one currently available and if the guess is correct, move the card to his side and also become a new dealer. The game finishes when all the available cards have been guessed correctly and the winner is the player with the biggest number of winning cards.

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