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Microgaming to Supply University Bursaries to Isle of Man Residents


The youth of the Island are our future - this generation will shape the growth of the Isle of Man. It is essential that we provide them with the tools to reach their potential and that’s why we created this initiative.

Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming.

 Microgaming’s head office is based in the Isle of Man; they have decided to give back to their local community by putting together a range of bursaries for university students.

The bursaries are being handled by the Isle of Man’s Department of Education and Children, and are meant for Isle of Man students, who have been accepted for an undergraduate university degree, but can’t necessarily afford to attend.  Only the students who are eligible for a maintenance grant from the Department of Education and Children will be considered for Microgaming’s bursary.  Each eligible student could claim up to £6,000 per year, which will help pay for their living expenses and essential living costs.


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by Kelly Kelly


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