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Was There a Data Breach Back in 2010 at Paddy Power Casino?


We take our responsibilities regarding customer data extremely seriously and have conducted an extensive investigation into the breach and the recovered data.

Peter O’Donovan, MD Online, Paddy Power.

On Thursday the 31st of August, The Irish Independence published a news story suggesting that back in 2010 there was a serious data breach at Paddy Power's online gambling site that was never reported back to their customers.

They reported that over 649,000 players who signed up to their site before 2010 may have had their; names, date of births, addresses, and account verification details stolen.  It is alleged that Paddy Power was aware of the breach and updated their security systems after a security audit to make sure it would never happen again.  

Paddy Power has since started informing players of what had happened; however, they say there is no evidence that their customer accounts have been adversely impacted by the breach.


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by Kelly Kelly


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