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Fifth Content Deal in a Month Signed by Genii


When you bring a high-quality product and you're good to work with, there is always going to be a demand for what you're bringing to the table. Genii has become a great example of this in the past few weeks because they have inked several content deals thanks to their high-quality selection of games. The most recent addition is, a fairly new online casino that's been quickly building a reputation for making lots of content deals with developers that produce high-quality games.

Details of the Deal

The main thing to note about Genii's most recent deal with is that it's going to be for their entire game library. This includes more than 130 titles total. This is important to point out because some people have speculated that casinos will really only be interested in the Spin 16 line of games that has put Genii on the map in a major way. While these titles will be a part of the deal, and they definitely will boost the mobile offering at Guts, that's only a portion of what's being offered.

Why Spin 16?

The big fuss around the Spin 16 line is that it completely turns the mobile slots game on its head by building games that are based around mobile technology instead of relying on what works on desktop computers. Desktop computers have set all of the trends for online slots, and Genii broke the mold by creating 4x4 games that can be spun in any direction, including with individual reels, using intuitive swiping motions that you'd be familiar with from using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Multi-Channel Approach

Diversity is the name of the game these days in the online casino software space, and you have to bring games that are going to work on a variety of platforms. This includes iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and everything in between. Genii has native applications for all major platforms, and they also have web-enabled games that can be played in your browser. This is a big part of the appeal of their software because it appeals to a larger base of players than many more limited software packages that are out there today, and this is a major factor in their overwhelming popularity and growth over the past month with five different content deals.

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