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Macau Cyber Security Division Coming Soon


There's a very clear connection between cyber security and online gambling. What's interesting is how these two arenas overlap at times and the different ways that they can become intertwined. Macau is going through a situation right now where lots of online gambling companies have been using their image as a gambling area to promote different products and gambling sites, and they're looking at updating legislation involving cyber security as a result.

The Macau Image

Macau is generally seen as the gambling capital of Asia and one of the largest gambling areas in the world. Many online gambling brands use Macau as a sort of theme for their sites, but none of them are actually associated with the Experience Macau brand that's used for promoting tourism and land-based gambling. They're looking at a number of different advertising mechanisms that have been used recently, including text messages to mobile devices that seemed to be associated with their official branding when it really wasn't. Long story short, they're tired of their branding being associated with online gambling, and they're looking to do something about it.

What is the Point?

It's easy to look at this situation and wonder just what the point is and how cyber security legislation could have anything to do with this. We're honestly not completely sure, but we do know that there is an issue here that needs to be addressed. Macau has been very sensitive about its image after finding that many Chinese government officials were spending large sums of money there, and being associated with potentially-shady online gambling operations (that they really aren't involved with on any level) could only continue to hurt their image.

As a result, they're looking to do anything they can do about it, and so it kind of makes sense that cyber security would be a part of this. However, the larger problem of sites using Macau as a theme for gambling situations isn't going to go away. What they want to focus on, if they want to have any really effectiveness on this issue, is the association that has happened in some cases with the Experience Macau brand and the Macau Government Tourist Organization. If they can break up any association with these two groups, then they can put a dent in any association that would hurt their image on a meaningful level.

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