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Williams Interactive Launches Wishing You Fortune


The divide between the online slot world and the land-based slot world used to be a lot wider than it is now. The fact of the matter is that a lot of land-based video slots use video screens for their games now, and that means that some kind of crossover between the online and land-based games is much easier to facilitate. Williams Interactive has illustrated this once again by producing an online version of the popular Wishing You Fortune land-based video slot.

Layout and Format

Wishing You Fortune uses five reels, four rows and the 1,024 ways format. This is a high-action format that gives you tons of ways to win, and it's also a format that contributes to a very high hit-rate. As a result, the pay table has been adjusted to compensate so that the volatility isn't so ridiculously low that the game loses some of its excitement. This is a great game that's been switched over to the online environment, and players are going to love having a new title with so much action.

Feature-Rich Experience

Something that makes Wishing You Fortune stand out from the crowd is the fact that it's completely jam-packed with different features. To start with, you can get a free spins bonus round that's highly-customizable. The basic idea is that you can get a lot of free spins with a low multiplier or a few free spins with a multiplier as large as 30x. That's a pretty incredible level for a multiplier in a video slot, and players can end up with some truly huge wins thanks to this particular feature.

But that's not all this game has to offer. You can play the Fortune Reel feature that gives you a chance on an improved set of reels. Players also have a shot at the Festival Wheel that give players chances for instant wins. Add scatters and wild symbols to the reels on top of this, and you get a very high-action game that gives you several ways to win impressive payouts overall. This is the kind of game that players will love who are fans of high hit-rates and a lot of ways to get paid, and with multiple top-heavy bonus features, it's not going to disappoint on any level of the overall slot experience.

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