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NetEnt Upgrades Their Games To Html5


Swedish online casino games developer NetEnt has always been ahead of things, and now that major browser suppliers have announced that they will not be supporting Flash for much longer, the company has started converting their range to the HTML5 format.

Why The Changes?

Technology moves on and while Flash was a perfectly good format in the past, times have changed and with most browsers phasing out support, there's no option but for games developers to change playtforms to HTML5 or similar.

But there's added benefits as well, with improved graphics, animations and sound effects possible with this newer format. NetEnt have also taken the opportunity to upgrade their 'Touch' mobile optimised games, so customers can enjoy the enhanced features across all compatible smartphones and tablet computers.

To date, around 70 of the most popular slots and table games have moved across to HTML5 and more will be following in the near future, with some upgraded Video Poker games and Baccarat being next in line. 

Comments From NetEnt

NetEnt are clearly taking an active approach to the changes, and intend a smooth transition to HTML5 that won't inconvenience players. All that will be noticed is an improved gaming experience and greater access across more platforms.

The newly-formatted games are available now at the many online casinos that carry the NetEnt range.

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by Arthur Arthur


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