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Atari Black Widow Slot Launched by Pairplay


Video games have progressed a lot over the past few decades, and now we have games that look like they could be real life in a lot of instances. However, this wasn't always the case, and Atari was one of the main brands that produced games that were based on much lower graphical capabilities. Black Widow was one of their games, first released in 1982, and it's been captured in a video slot based on the themes and concepts from the original game.

The Black Widow Concept

In the original game, the concept was pretty simple. You're a black widow on a web, and you're going around shooting bugs to get points while trying to run your score up as high as possible. It's a really straight-forward concept, but it was one of their most well-known games because of the great gameplay for the time and the ability to compete against family and friends for the highest score. Basing a slot on this game might seem kind of strange, but Pairplay has been planning a series of Atari-based games for quite a while.

In the slot, you're going to have five reels and three rows of action. There are a ton of features including special wilds with a seek and destroy mechanic along with lots of cartoony bugs with weapons that are definitely not insect-sized. Bazookas, automatic weapons, grenades and other types of weapons are wielded by these villains, and the military music and sound effects give the game a feel that you wouldn't expect. Of course a lot of this is tongue-in-cheek, but the free spins bonus round and two additional features give it a high-paced gameplay that players will take a liking to.

The Pairplay-Atari Connection

Around the middle of 2014, Pairplay made a deal with Atari Interactive to use a lot of Atari's old titles as the basis for online slots. These games are build on HTML5 to make them playable on all types of devices, and this includes both mobile and desktop through a web-based interface. More titles are coming in this series for popular titles like Pong, Tempest and Asteroids, and they're scheduled for the first quarter of this year. That means they'll have rapid releases in this particular series that will give them a chance to see how the games perform.

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