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Yggdrasil Launches Incinerator Online Slot


New online slots are a very important part of any online casino software company's strategy, and the first game they come out with in a new year is important because it sets the tone for the next 12 months. Yggdrasil has made their first new release in 2016 the Incinerator online slot, and this game looks like it's going to be a fast-paced, high-action experience for players. Along these lines, this sets the tone that Yggdrasil is looking to speed things up this year and achieve even more growth than before.

The New Incinerator Slot

Incinerator has a few things right off the bat that stick out. First off, it has a very high maximum bet of €200 per spin, and this means that they're looking to attract high rollers as well as penny players. Second, this game is based on an avalanche-style feature. The idea is that groups of winning symbols turn into wild symbols based on a set pattern, and this can escalate to give players lots of wins on the same spin. Obviously, the potential for some pretty huge payouts is there, but the pace of the action is high as well.

Games Coming Down the Pipeline

In a statement given by Yggdrasil CEO Fredrik Elmqvist, he's already stated that they have a number of titles lined up for release in 2016. This indicates that they've built a strategy around the order they're releasing the games and how that's going to affect their momentum in the new year. Along these lines, it's reasonable to assume that it's no coincidence or accident that they've started off with a high-action game like Incinerator, and it could be a big indicator for things to come.

About Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a company that focuses on the quality of their games instead of the quantity of the games they produce. Along these lines, they have titles like Incinerator that come out several times each year to give players a very high-quality experience. Everything about their games are built from the ground up to be quality-oriented, and they aren't like some software companies that seem to just drop new releases without caring about trying to reach for the upper tiers of game experience for the players.

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