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BetSoft Releases New Weekend in Las Vegas Slot


In the online slots industry, a handful of companies have taken up a very particular approach that favors quality over quantity. BetSoft is one of those companies, and they took up this approach because it didn't make sense to try to put out a lot of games when they could never out-pace their competitors that had been around for two or three times as long. This strategy has led to some pretty amazing new titles, and Weekend in Las Vegas is the newest of this generation of games.

What Weekend in Las Vegas Offers

As you might have come to expect from BetSoft, this game features high-level 3D graphics that have become the hallmark of their innovative Slots3 line. This game features three people who go out to Las Vegas looking for their chance to strike it rich, and you'll find that each of the three players has a particular way of going after winnings. These three play styles reflect a more balanced approach, a more aggressive approach and a more conservative approach, and you'll see that the game changes accordingly based on the play style that you choose.

Volatility Issues

One of the issues that players have in online slots is that the volatility of the games themselves can dictate the experience more than the payout rate or features. Because of this, BetSoft has used an innovative feature in Weekend in Las Vegas that allows players to essentially choose their own level of volatility. This adds a degree of choice in the gameplay that you won't find in many other online slots, and that's a pretty innovative choice that has been built into the storyline in a very intuitive way.

Other BetSoft Titles

Players who are familiar with the BetSoft library will immediately think of Mr. Vegas, a game that's also set in Las Vegas with a focus on the entertainment and gaming aspects of the city. They have a number of other games with similar environments, but you won't ever get confused and mistake one game for another. The reason for this is that BetSoft is very clear about how much they want their games to stand out from each other, and this is a lot different approach from some software providers who have many games that look mostly the same.

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