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SOFTSWISS Gains South African Approval, Integrates with Turfsport for Market Expansion


SOFTSWISS, a renowned software provider in the iGaming sector, has recently received certification approval from the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) in South Africa, covering both its Casino Platform and Sportsbook. These approvals, granted under the South African B2B manufacture license, enable SOFTSWISS to solidify its foothold in this fast-evolving market effectively.

Strategic Acquisition and Market Penetration

The route to acquiring South African certification was facilitated by SOFTSWISS's strategic acquisition of a major stake in Turfsport, an established software supplier known within South Africa for over 35 years. This acquisition was completed earlier this year and allowed for the integration of product lines between the two firms. This strategic move has not only enhanced SOFTSWISS’s capabilities but also ensured a smoother market entry, leveraging Turfsport's existing credibility and market penetration. A recent study by InfoQuest highlights that sports betting dominates the South African gambling landscape, with gambling enthusiasts participating across multiple formats several times per month. The comprehensive SOFTSWISS South African market review is available for free and offers valuable insights into these emerging trends.

Expansion and Future Prospects

With certifications in place and strategic alignments secured, SOFTSWISS is poised for significant growth and opportunity in the South African market. The company's broad array of innovative products and services positions them favorably to tap into the increasing demand for esports and fantasy sports betting. The enthusiasm for these new forms of betting is clear, as highlighted by national surveys and industry reports.

Vitali Matsukevich, Chief Operating Officer at SOFTSWISS, asserts, 'South Africa will be one of the key markets for SOFTSWISS in the coming years. It has immense potential, driven by increasing internet penetration, lower mobile internet costs, and affordable mobile devices. Additionally, the local audience shows a strong interest in gambling, which further supports our decision to expand here.'

As SOFTSWISS continues to capitalize on these positive trends, its expansion in South Africa signifies a pivotal advancement in its ongoing global outreach endeavors.


''SOFTSWISS Expands in South Africa with New Certifications'' Press Release. July 02, 2024.

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