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New Nrvna Slot Released by Net Entertainment


Net Entertainment is known for a particular style of slot that we've seen in games like Starburst, Glow and Lights. In short, this style of slot is fairly minimalistic with a light push of supernatural or nature-based scenery, and we're seeing it again with the exclusive release of their new slot Nrvna. Obviously short for nirvana, and possibly shortened to avoid conflicts with other entities that use the full name, this title has a very relaxing theme that's perfect for players who just want to unwind with some online slot play.

What Nrvna Brings to the Table

This online slot has a peaceful "new age" format that is characteristic of titles like the ones mentioned above by Net Entertainment, but it also has great gameplay values. A 3x wild multiplier that shows up on all reels is something worth getting excited about, and so is the free spins bonus feature. You'll be able to get 10 free spins to start with, and extra free spins can be won to extend the bonus round as well. You'll get additional multipliers during these free spins worth up to 10x thanks to the Nrvna Wheel also. These combine with the 3x wild multiplier to give you total multipliers as high as 30x, which is obviously tremendous.

A Stylistic Experience

Here's the thing about this game. If you like a relaxing experience where you can sit back and enjoy zen-like music and visuals, then you're going to absolutely love this game. However, if you prefer action and explosions and massive progressive jackpots and brands based on popular forms of media, then you should probably try something else like the Alien slot by Net Entertainment. This title is definitely geared towards a specific audience, but you still have some serious chances to win major payouts in this game regardless.

Exclusive Releases

For now, Nrvna is an exclusive release that you'll only be able to find at a limited number of online casinos. NetEnt has done releases like this before, and they normally end up being available at a wider range of casino sites over time, so you aren't really going to miss out in the long run if you don't want to switch sites just to play one game.

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