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Aviatrix Collaborates with Veli Group for Global Gaming Presence


In a significant move for global expansion, Aviatrix, renowned for innovative crash games, has partnered with Veli Group. This initiative integrates Aviatrix into the VeliTech VeliGames content aggregator platform, significantly broadening the game's global exposure through Veli Group's robust network.

Expansion Details and Initial Launch

With the integration into the VeliTech VeliGames platform, Aviatrix gains access to a vast array of new markets, thanks to VeliTech's extensive client network. This collaboration not only enhances Aviatrix's visibility but also facilitates its availability globally, making it easier for operators to feature Aviatrix in their offerings. The debut of Aviatrix in Africa via Paridirect, a Veli Group operator, marks a pivotal step, widening Aviatrix’s audience in a swiftly growing gaming market.

With its dynamic crash game mechanics and the inclusion of NFT-based elements aimed at improving player engagement and loyalty, Aviatrix sets itself apart in the online gaming sector. Additionally, the game provides operators with extensive customization options, facilitating the tailoring of the gaming experience to various market demands, enhanced by continuous updates and new features like the groundbreaking bonus flights tool.

Strategic Impact and Future Endeavors

Veli Group, a leader in the iGaming industry, operates with a dedication to innovation, managing several consumer-facing and B2B brands across multiple continents. This partnership not only broadens the game's reach but also enhances the overall gaming experience, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Aviatrix’s innovative features, including its NFT mechanisms and customizable branding solutions, coupled with Veli Group's extensive market penetration and commitment to innovation, pave the way for a promising evolution in iGaming.

Mikalai Pobal, Co-founder and CBD at Aviatrix, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, "This partnership with Veli Group is a major coup for us, as it brings Aviatrix to new global audiences via both B2B and B2C agreements. Integrating with VeliTech not only adds another innovative content aggregator to our stable but also gives us access to fast-growing operators worldwide. And it is a real pleasure to see Aviatrix live in Africa with such a trusted brand as Paridirect. We’ll be working closely with Veli Group to build upon these strong foundations."

Equally enthusiastic, Itai Hadas, CEO of Veli Group, noted, "We are thrilled to announce this dual-faceted partnership with Aviatrix, which represents a significant stride in our commitment to enhancing both B2B and B2C dimensions. By incorporating Aviatrix into our VeliGames aggregator, and directly into our flagship African brand Paridirect, we are not only expanding our game offerings but also elevating the gaming experience. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and creating winning moments for our African clients."


''Aviatrix and Veli Group join forces in wide-ranging partnership'' Press Release. June 18, 2024.

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