Aviatrix Software

Aviatrix introduces a groundbreaking B2B gaming solution that takes crash games, like Aviator, to a whole new level. Built on NFT technology, this platform allows users to pilot their own planes in the form of NFTs, place bets, time their landings accurately, and earn cryptocurrency through active play, following the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model.

With the surging popularity of crypto slots, Aviatrix seamlessly combines entertainment with opportunities to win non-fungible tokens. Each NFT represents a unique digital identifier recorded on a blockchain.

The company’s game offers extensive customization options, enabling players to enhance their aircraft as they gain experience and progress through higher levels. Users have the freedom to modify the body style, color scheme, and various other features, ensuring a more personalized experience for every player.

Aviatrix goes beyond just gaming by providing an immersive and engaging environment at partner casinos. Through daily cashback rewards and hosting tournaments with generous prizes and events, they create a captivating blockchain experience for any players willing to join and discover something new.

In these competitions, participants utilize their own NFT-based aircraft, which can be customized with brand colors and logos. Additionally, the aircraft can be upgraded and used for reward distribution.


The Aviatrix crash game stands out due to its innovative gameplay, incorporating loyalty mechanics, enhanced crash mechanics, and extensive customization. The potential for significant wins, accessibility, and transparency also contributes to the establishment of a vibrant community of NFT enthusiasts. Apart from the thrilling gameplay, Aviatrix offers players the ability to customize their aircraft with different colors at any stage of the game, adding an element of excitement and uniqueness. Popular aircraft skins include Brownfury, Chocofly, Cloudlet, InvisibleFly, Milky, FireJet, and others, featuring numerous other color schemes at hand.

Thanks to its simple yet effective features, Aviatrix has experienced rapid success and gained a solid reputation in the market, partnering with renowned crypto operators such as MostBet, VBET, Leon.bet, and many other renowned casino sites.

Aviatrix also provides an exceptional and thrilling gaming experience for players thanks to its high-stakes gameplay with wins of up to 10,000x the bet, including fast accessibility, an engaging community, and continuous innovation.

Aviatrix is committed to constant improvement and innovation, regularly introducing new skins, customization options, and updates to keep the gaming experience fresh and captivating for its players.


The NFT-based crash game developer has established strategic partnerships with industry-leading gaming and technology companies, pooling their expertise and resources to enhance gaming activity and deliver top-notch experiences on the blockchain.

By collaborating with reputable game developers and operators like Gamingtec, EveryMatrix, Quantum Gaming, and Parimatch, Aviatrix has demonstrated its dedication to delivering exceptional gameplay and creating a seamless and enjoyable gaming environment for users worldwide.

The company also takes pride in its numerous accolades, including Hackathon Winners at Binance Smart Chain, Unique Selling Point at SiGMA Balkans & CIS, Emerging Startup at SPiCE India 2023, and NFT Community at AIBC Eurasia.

With long-term plans to refine the game, introduce new features, develop a marketplace, and create an entire metaverse with multiple games, Aviatrix is ready to deliver an even bigger winning potential in the future.


  • Enhanced crash mechanics based on NFT
  • Deep customization for making a native interface
  • Loyalty program that brings engagements to a new level
  • Rich set of features, multiplayer modes, and reward distribution
  • Daily cashback rewards and game credits based on user activity
  • Operator branding options for better retention


With its revolutionary crash game live in several online casinos, Aviatrix is working hard to increase its network of partnerships and present it to a wider audience. The company is polishing and fine-tuning its crash game each day by adding more features, including the marketplace.

Aviatrix is also changing the gaming industry with its NFT-based casino game by leveraging blockchain technology. The developer allows users to fly their own planes in the form of NFTs, participate in bets, and earn cryptocurrency through active play.

The platform's Play-to-Earn model and the growing popularity of crypto slots provide a perfect blend of entertainment and opportunities to win unique digital assets.

Looking ahead, Aviatrix has set a strategy with ambitious plans to refine the game, introduce new customization options, establish a trading platform, and even create an entire metaverse with new crash games.

With so much dedication to innovation, Aviatrix is definitely on the verge of shaping the future of gaming and pushing the boundaries of NFT-based gameplay, which could be the next phase of evolution in iGaming.

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