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Fairplay Casino Elevates Live Gaming with Innovative Technology


Fair Play Casino, a prominent player in the Dutch online casino industry, is charting a new course in live gaming through a unique partnership with Stakelogic Live. This collaboration introduces the groundbreaking Chroma Key Studio technology, aimed at transforming interactive gaming experiences for its savvy players.

Launching the New Chroma Key 7 Seat Blackjack

Through a new avenue provided by Relax Gaming, Fairplay Casino is set to debut Chroma Key 7 Seat Blackjack. Utilizing revolutionary green screen technology developed by Stakelogic Live, this feature allows Fairplay Casino to customize the game environment with tailored branding elements. These enhancements boost player engagement and significantly create an unparalleled immersive experience.

Inaugurated in 2023, Chroma Key Studio significantly shifts the live casino scene. By merging real-time gameplay with visually compelling environments through green screen technology, Fairplay Casino can offer players a truly engaging blend of realism and interactive fun, enriching their gaming enjoyment.

The decision by Fairplay Casino to incorporate Chroma Key Studio is a testament to its commitment to remain at the forefront of technological innovation within the Dutch market. This strategic move not only strengthens Fairplay Casino's competitive position but also cements its status as a progressive industry pioneer

A Groundbreaking Development in Interactive Online Gaming

The integration of Chroma Key Studio with 7 Seat Blackjack by Fairplay Casino ushers a new era for the Dutch online casino industry. This strategic development boosts Fairplay Casino's attractiveness and establishes a new standard for immersive and interactive gaming environments. As technological advances progress, innovations like Chroma Key Studio are poised to transform the landscape of live casino gaming, heralding a vibrant future for players at Fairplay Casino and the industry as a whole.

Neil Tanti, Senior Sales Manager at Stakelogic, commented: 'The Dutch market has been so quick to embrace the Chroma Key Studio over the last 12 months, and we are delighted to welcome Fair Play Online Casino to the party. With Chroma Key, we are changing what is possible in the live casino space, bringing brands closer to their customers thanks to its unique customization possibilities.'

Pascal Janshen of Fair Play Online casino remarked: 'The live casino landscape is fiercely competitive in the Netherlands, and our partnership with industry leader Stakelogic is a game-changer. By adding 7 Seat Blackjack to our live casino games, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation in the sector, making a top choice for live casino enthusiasts in the Netherlands.'

Source: 'Fair Play Becomes the Latest Dutch Operator to Take Advantage of the Chroma Key Studio' Press Release. June 26, 2024.

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