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Microgaming Predicts Future of Online Gambling


Roger Raatgever, the Chief Executive Officer at Microgaming recently submitted an interesting opinion editorial to The Telegraph newspaper’s online site; The Business Reporter.

Raatgever talked about how the mobile gambling industry is booming and that if the current growth rate continues into 2020, then it should easily account for over 50% of all interactive gaming revenues.  He then went on to discuss wearable technology, such as Apple’s upcoming Watch, Samsung Gear’s Smartwatch, Google Cardboard and Google Glass.  He believes that this new wearable technology will open up new and unique gambling experiences for the user, which is why Microgaming has already started investing money researching the new technology.

Raatgever finished the article by saying that although wearable technology is still in the early stages of development he is certain that a new host of devices and platforms will soon be available for players.


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by Kelly Kelly


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