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NYX Interactive Granted UK License


NYX Interactive has recently announced that they have been approved for both a remote and a non-remote operating license for in the UK.

This simply means that they will be able to supply their software program to a range of different online and land based gambling sites in the UK.  This couldn’t have been better timing for the company, as both of their licenses were approved a couple of weeks before the bill for The UK Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) was passed.

This puts the company in a good position, as it means that they will be ready to support the large amount of companies that will apply for a new license before September 2014.

If you are a regular reader at Casino Slots, then you may recall that NYX Interactive has already signed a deal with the UK based Gala Coral group.  They will be supplying a range of their most popular games to their; land based terminals, online casino sites and mobile gaming platform.


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by Kelly Kelly


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