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NYX OGS to Distribute GAMING1 Casino Games Portfolio


Distribution is extremely important when you're an online casino games developer. If you don't get your games in front of players, then you don't make any revenues that would allow you to continue running your business. Making excellent games puts your content in demand, and in turn, that means that casinos and software platforms will want to distribute them. GAMING1 puts out awesome content, and they've scored yet another big distribution deal along these lines. This time, it's for the NYX Gaming Group's OGS platform.

What's Included in This Deal

In terms of the games that are going to be distributed for this deal, there are well over a dozen slots and four different table games that are going to be included in this. That's a great deal for players because GAMING1 produces very high-quality online slots, and their table games aren't bad either. NYX gains quite a bit from this deal as well because they are getting some excellent titles to add to their lineup.

HTML5 Content

The reason that they're able to simply add this new set of games to the OGS platform is that they're all produced in HTML5. Because of this, it's easy to get these titles added in, and having one cohesive platform like this smooths out the transition and puts them in a position where they can get these games out to operators and in front of players as quickly as possible. HTML5 has only recently become the industry standard, and this high level of compatibility in an industry known for needing games from various developers to "play well together" is a must.

Players Are the Big Winners

The biggest winners in this deal are definitely the players. There are over 200 different operators that use the NYX Gaming's Group's OGS platform, and that means a ton of players are going to have the GAMING1 portfolio available to them for the first time as the result of this new agreement. We're all about players getting the best experience possible, and having a couple of dozen high-quality games available that weren't available before is definitely in line with that. Overall, this deal shows that both companies involved are continuing to grow.


Press Release, GAMING1 Signs NYX Gaming Group Agreement, November 6, 2017

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