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Six-Figure Royal Panda Live Roulette Winner


There was recently a big winner at Royal Panda Casino. They have a lot of major winners that happen on a regular basis, but this win is different because it didn't come on an online slot. Instead, it came on their live dealer roulette game. A great winning streak led to a massive total win worth about $229,764 (1.8 million kr).

How the Win Happened

Roulette is a game that allows a wide range of wagers with different payouts and chances to win all on the same spin. When you combine this with the high betting limits of the live dealer roulette game at this online casino, you have the perfect recipe for complicated betting strategies that have a chance to pay off big. This particular win came after a bit of a streak that included a win worth 370,700 kr (or about $45,000) on a single spin, and several spins later, the lucky player Mikael was up six figures for just under a quarter million dollars of value.

The Live Roulette Difference

Something really important about the live dealer roulette games at this casino is that they have some pretty high betting limits. You can make wagers worth up to $500 on a straight-up wagers, which is a bet on a single number that pays out at a rate of 35:1 for a win. Players can similarly bet up to $1,000 on a split bet (a wager on two adjacent numbers), $6,000 for a column or dozen bet (wagers on 12 numbers), or $10,000 for even money wagers like black, red, even and odd. With such high betting limits, high rollers have plenty of room for some pretty incredible winning streaks.

About Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda Casino has a great selection of games, and this includes their lineup of live dealer titles in addition to hundreds of slots and regular online table games. They are regularly in the news for the big winners they produce thanks to a combination of their large base of players and the wide range of titles they have available. Overall, it's a great place to play with every opportunity available to become their next big winner.

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by Jesse Jesse


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