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New Fish Tank Slot Coming From Magnet Gaming


There have been a lot of different underwater slots released over the years, so when we see another one coming out, the first thing we wonder is what will make it stand out. Magnet Gaming has announced their newest addition to their line-up in the form of a new, three-reel slot called Fish Tank. This game has a sort of underwater theme, but they have definitely put their own spin on it.

A Different Style of Classic Slot

The format of the game is a good place to start here because it doesn't play like most classic slots. Instead of symbols spinning on horizontal reels, they are each chosen independently. This allows for eight different paylines with three vertical, three horizontal and two diagonal. You can win by lining up three matching symbols in any direction as a result, and this makes it easier to hit payouts and bonus features than you would have in a three-reel slot with a more typical payline structure.

Bonus and Gameplay Features

If you hit a winning combination, you get a free spin with multipliers. Nine new symbols will fall into place, and the multiplier for the next free spin will appear under the reels. You can keep getting free spins for each subsequent winning spin.

You can get a few different bonus features as well by lining up three matching symbols. Those are Feeding Frenzy, Bubble Buster, Algae Attack and Game Flash. Each of these give you more ways to win, and all of that is on top of the 5,000x jackpot for three of the orange fish.

Graphics and Presentation

The graphics of the Fish Tank slot by Magnet Gaming are really good, and they create a particularly relaxing atmosphere for playing the game. The pay table itself is a bit top-heavy with payouts at 5,000x and 2,500x, and when you add the multipliers of the free spin feature, those prizes get even larger. Add in the different bonus features, and you get a game with a high volatility. If that's fine for you, then chances are you'll get a good experience out of this slot because it has enough paylines to be exciting for a three-reel game.


Press Release, Magnet Gaming Reveals New Fish Tank Slot, May 9, 2017

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