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Belatra Presents Two New Scandinavian-Themed Slots with Unique Features


Belatra Games has introduced two new captivating slot titles, Axe of Fortune and Golden øks. Both set against the stark, wintry scenes of medieval Scandinavia, these games invite players into the world of heroic battles and secret riches. With each game offering unique features and mechanics, players are guaranteed a distinctive and engaging experience tailored to their gaming style.

Exploring the Unique Features of Each Game

Axe of Fortune offers a streamlined slot experience with a traditional 5x3 reel structure and 10 fixed paylines, designed for ease of play and familiarity. It is aimed at those who appreciate the classic approach to slot games. Conversely, Golden øks provides a more involved experience with its dynamic 5x3 reel configuration and 243 possible winning ways, designed to create abundant opportunities for wins. These structural differences highlight the tailored approach Belatra takes to cater to diverse player preferences.

Axe of Fortune enhances its gameplay with exciting bonus rounds. Collecting 3 or 4 scatter symbols launches the Axes bonus round, promising lucrative win multipliers. Achieving 5 scatter symbols triggers the Golden Axes bonus, presenting opportunities for even larger rewards.

Golden øks complements its gameplay with thoughtful bonus features that include strategic elements, such as the option to purchase extra axes to increase winning chances and a "25% to the bet" feature, which enhances the stakes and the likelihood of activating bonus rounds.

Strategic Features and Player Control in Golden øks

Golden øks includes the innovative Buy Bonus feature, allowing players direct access to the game's compelling bonus rounds. This autonomy provides a strategic edge, letting players take calculated risks to maximize their potential wins. The game's design combines adventure with strategy, revamping the traditional slot experience.

Whether it’s the straightforward, nostalgic allure of Axe of Fortune or the intricate, strategy-filled Golden øks, Belatra Games offers something for every slot enthusiast. Both games promise thrilling explorations in the ancient, icy landscapes of Scandinavia to uncover hidden treasures. Experience the blend of tradition and innovation that these games bring to the online slot gaming market.

’’ Both games from Belatra Games promise an immersive journey through Scandinavian legends. Whether you prefer the classic charm of "Axe of Fortune" or the innovative thrills of "Golden øks" prepare to wield your axe and carve your path to fortune and glo

Belatra Press Release


''Clash of the Northern Legends: A Tale of Two Scandinavian Slot Games'', May 20, 2024.

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