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eCOGRA Welcomes New CEO, Will Shuckburgh, in Leadership Revamp


In the midst of significant international growth, eCOGRA, a premier entity in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification realm of the iGaming industry, has recently revealed substantial alterations to its leadership structure. With these updates, eCOGRA aims to strengthen its position in the market further, underlining its commitment to delivering superior and credible services to its clientele.

New Appointments to Enhance Strategic Direction

As part of its latest organizational update, eCOGRA has announced the appointment of Will Shuckburgh as the Group CEO, starting July 1, 2024. Shuckburgh, who joined the company in January 2024, has quickly proven himself by showing a strong capability in strategic management and leading profitable growth in diverse regions. His rich background includes positions such as Managing Director at Nectar and Executive Vice President & Chief Membership Officer at Rakuten, equipping him with significant insights to guide eCOGRA's future. Mark Brooker, the Group Chairman, highlighted the energy Shuckburgh brings to the role, stating, "Will's appointment brings fresh energy, insight and strategic vision, aligning perfectly with eCOGRA's commitment to excellence across each of its markets."

David Cowan from Hanover Investors added, "Will's leadership is expected to transform and significantly propel the company's dedication to capturing and capitalizing on emerging opportunities."

Accompanying this strategic appointment, Shaun McCallaghan, a longstanding pillar of eCOGRA's success, will transition to the role of Senior Director, Operations, and Regulatory Affairs. McCallaghan's extensive experience and commitment have been essential in expanding eCOGRA's reach globally, contributing to its approval in 39 jurisdictions, including expansions into Peru and Brazil. His new role will focus more on operational oversight and regulatory engagement, ensuring that eCOGRA continues to meet the highest standards of service.

Vision for Growth and Client Focus

Under the direction of Will Shuckburgh, eCOGRA is setting ambitious goals for further strategic expansion, including broadening its reach into new jurisdictions and enhancing its service offerings. The organization's commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and strict regulatory compliance is expected to remain at the forefront of its operations as it tackles the ever-evolving dynamics of the iGaming industry. The leadership revisions signify a promising new era for eCOGRA, reinforcing its capabilities to leverage upcoming opportunities and continue providing top-notch testing, inspection, and certification services to the iGaming sector.

Will's appointment brings fresh energy, insight and strategic vision, aligning perfectly with eCOGRA's commitment to excellence across each of its markets. The changes also reflect eCOGRA's commitment to stability and innovation, with Shaun continuing to

Mark Brooker, the Group Chairman


''Will Shuckburgh appointed as Group CEO, and Shaun McCallaghan to assume new role of Senior Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs.'', May 13, 2024.

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