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S1X2 Network Boosts US BetMGM Gaming Lobby


1X2 Network, a leader in online gaming content provision, has teamed up with BetMGM, a heavyweight in the sports betting and iGaming sector. This partnership is pivotal for both entities, offering a rich array of gaming experiences to the North American audience.

Enriching the Gaming Selection

As a result of this collaboration, BetMGM patrons will enjoy a broad and intriguing array of slot and crash games from the extensive portfolio of 1X2 Network game studios. Noteworthy titles being introduced include Wolf Strike, Eagle Strike, 1 Million Megaways™ BC, Reel Diamonds, and the Prospector Wilds series. Each game is crafted with compelling themes, exceptional visuals, vibrant soundscapes, and interactive gameplay, assuring a delightful experience for all players. Particularly, 1X2 Network's Crashout Maverick game, from their arcade branch AD LUNAM, stands out due to its fast-paced action and swift responsiveness, offering an exhilarating experience that encourages repeated play.

Expanding Reach and Future Visions

Scheduled to debut in Michigan, the array of games from 1X2 Network will soon be accessible on BetMGM platforms in Ontario and other parts of North America pending regulatory approvals. This initiative promises to widen the accessibility of premium gaming content, satisfying a diverse gamer demographic. Through this alliance, 1X2 Network and BetMGM are dedicated to elevating the player experience by delivering a variety of games that appeal to different tastes and gaming preferences. Kevin Reid, CEO at 1X2 Network, comments, 'We have grand ambitions for the North American market, and this partnership with one of the top operators, BetMGM, greatly enhances our momentum. Our captivating themes, robust design, and dynamic gameplay, including the renowned Crashout Maverick, anchor our leadership in this burgeoning market.' Oliver Bartlett, Vice President of Gaming Products & Content at BetMGM, adds, 'This collaboration with 1X2 Network underlines our commitment to providing our users with premier and expansive content. We are excited for our players to engage with leading titles like Wolf Strike and experience the dynamic gameplay of Crashout Maverick.' As this partnership progresses, expect continual updates and the unveiling of new games, ensuring a vibrant and entertaining gaming journey.


''1X2 Network boosts US roll-out with BetMGM deal'', press release. May 09, 2024.

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