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Spinomenal Debuts New Thrilling Slot: Super Miner Golden Treasure


Spinomenal, a renowned name in the iGaming field, has introduced its newest slot game, Super Miner Golden Treasure. This game, which is the latest in the Spinomenal Adventures series, promises players both thrill and ample opportunities for large payouts in the realm of online slots.

Dive Into the Features of Super Miner Golden Treasure

The game Super Miner Golden Treasure stands out with its lively graphics, engaging mechanics, and an enchanting soundtrack that enhances the overall gaming experience. It features the Diamond scattered Bonus Spins symbols that are crucial for unlocking the much sought-after bonus spins rounds. Players can activate this feature by landing three or more Diamond symbols and gaining access to between 10 to 20 Bonus Spins. The Wild Miner symbol becomes particularly significant during these rounds, helping form winning blends by replacing other symbols.

Adding to the game's appeal is the Instant Cash feature, where players can find symbols representing different cash values with every spin. These can accumulate in the Bonus Spins meter, paving the way to extra spins and bigger multipliers. With the collection of each Wild symbol, players also enhance their chances of more spins and increased Instant Cash rewards.

Exciting Benefits and Gameplay

Super Miner Golden Treasure brings an exhilarating game dynamic to players with its variety of interactive features. This balances well with engaging gameplay, where every spin could lead to significant wins. Spinomenal’s newest slot entry not only enriches the iGaming world but also offers an adventure-filled experience with substantial treasures to unearth.

Commenting on the new release, Spinomenal CO-CEO Omer Henya stated, "Super Miner Golden Treasure is a game that players will love thanks to its fun design and uplifting soundtrack. The Instant Cash symbol element means players have the chance to strike gold on the reels!"

Renowned for its impact in the online casino industry, Spinomenal is acclaimed for its extensive collection of over 300 HTML5 games and its monthly innovation with 10-12 new games. The Universe concept enhances these games with rich storylines and innovative features, aiming to boost player involvement and satisfaction.


Press release, May 30, 2024.

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