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Uncover Ancient Riches in the Law of Gilgamesh Slot by Elysium Studios and Swintt


Elysium Studios, in collaboration with Swintt, has recently launched an enticing new slot game titled Law of Gilgamesh, set against the backdrop of ancient Mesopotamia. Explore the mysterious world of Gilgamesh as we delve deeper into what makes this slot a notable addition to the online gaming world.

Mesopotamian Journey and Game Mechanics

Embark on a grand exploration through the historical realm of Mesopotamia in Law of Gilgamesh. The game is adorned with symbols that represent Sumerian artifacts and iconic characters such as Ishtar, Enkidu, and Gilgamesh himself. Featuring a cluster pays system and cascading reels; the game ensures engaging and dynamic gameplay. Players can achieve epic wins of over 10,000 times their wager, adding intense excitement to each game session. Special modifiers in the game are activated by amassing symbols of the legendary characters.

For example, Gilgamesh adds random wilds, Enkidu cuts through symbols, and Ishtar upgrades lesser symbols to more valuable ones, each triggering a re-spin and heightening the chances of big wins. Accumulating three or more extra spins symbols gifts players a minimum of 7 Bonus Spins, with each spin starting with an activated legendary ability, enhancing the thrill of the game.

Exciting Tower Bonus Feature

The game also introduces the Tower Bonus, a captivating feature where players ascend the Tower of Babel. Players choose doors to uncover prize multipliers or arrows that propel them further up the tower, with prizes increasing as they climb higher. Should players be fortunate enough to land three or more free spins icons, not only will they receive a minimum of 7 Free Spins, but each spin will also begin with one of those aforementioned abilities activated, creating a rewarding and adventurous gaming experience.

David Mann, CEO of Swintt, praised the game: "Make no mistake about it, Law of Gilgamesh is a hugely ambitious entry in Swintt's Elysium Studios catalog. Featuring breath-taking visuals, engaging features and a cascading reels mechanic that'll keep players coming back for more, the game really will be an epic addition to any operator's line-up."

Swintt continues to be a leader in providing premium casino games and solutions, renowned for its top-notch themes, graphics, and innovative game features, alongside a strong commitment to player safety and responsible gaming.


''Embark on a Babylonian journey in Law of Gilgamesh by Elysium Studios'', May 2024.

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