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New Social Slot Coming From AGSi


There's a general feeling in the online slots world that they can make a game out of any kind of theme, and as long as the gameplay is good and the features make sense in terms of the theme itself, then it can turn out to be a pretty good experience. That idea's really being tested thanks to a new social slot release by AGSi called Twinkie 7's, and it's based on a theme of different cakes and snacks by the Hostess brand.

Themes and Features

You're going to see a number of Hostess snacks on the reels like Twinkies, Sno Balls and Ho Hos. This is a pretty interesting choice of theme, but since it's a social casino without real money betting, they probably had an easier time getting Hostess on board since it didn't directly tie them in with gambling. What's also really interesting about this game is that it's one of the first releases from AGSi, a company formed after American Gaming Systems, a slot supplier, purchased RocketPlay, a mobile social casino software company.

The Push for Social and Mobile

The mobile side of the slots industry has been pushing along more than ever before in the past few years, and a big part of that has been because more people than any point in history have access to the Internet from the palms of their hands thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices. Social casinos have become a way for people to get together and hang out through the Internet, and mobile devices are a big part of that. Along these lines, it makes a lot of sense that AGS would put so much money and effort in products like the new Twinkie 7's slot because that's where the growth seems to be right now.

The Future for Big Brands

This new release also asks an interesting question: Will big brands like Hostess, traditionally kept as far away from being associated with gambling as possible, start to inch towards advertising through slots and other gambling-related games? It's hard to tell at this point, but as gambling becomes more normalized through social casinos and other avenues, it's definitely a possibility. We should look out for big brands to start getting in on the action more and more over the next few years to see if trends start emerging.

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