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NYX to Launch James Dean Online Slot


In the world of entertainment and acting, there are some names that will never die. One of those names is James Dean, one of the most famous actors of the past century. Dean is already immortalized in a plethora of movies, but now he'll be remembered in a new online slot as well. The NYX Gaming Group will be releasing this game on November 25, and a lot of excitement is already built up for this new title.

The James Dean Slot

This online slot will use a standard format of five reels and three rows with 25 paylines. It seems like a good choice to use a regular layout for the foundation of the game because trying to add into too many atypical layers could over-complicate the game instead of allowing players to enjoy the game itself. The basic idea is to let the theme and gameplay, especially with someone as famous as James Dean on the reels, do the talking instead of offering flash with no substance by way of an atypical format.

Features and Payouts

The main feature in this game that will drive most of the gameplay is the expanding wild feature. This gives you a lot of extra payouts, and it smooths out the volatility of the game by offering more multi-line wins that you wouldn't have received otherwise. You can collect people clapping at the movies to run up the Legend Spins feature with a big 5x multiplier on your wins, and you can also play other bonus games for bigger payouts. Overall, this is a feature-packed game with a lot to offer slots fans.

NYX's New Slot Momentum

The NYX Gaming Group has gained a lot of momentum in 2015 by coming out with a lot of new slots on a regular schedule. These games haven't been duds, either, and they're some very notable releases for the year so far. Players who are familiar with the NYX Gaming Group's style and approach to games will be very excited to wait for the James Dean slot to come out on November 25. Until then, you'll just have to experience Dean in his films and interviews while preparing to run up some big wins on the multiple bonus features that his game will have available with expanding wilds and more.

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