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NetEnt Games Ordered by Resorts Hotel in New Jersey


New Jersey is the most important regulated area for online gambling in the United States right now, and Net Entertainment has recently entered the market. Because they have some of the best games in the entire industry, they're suddenly in super-high demand in the state, and now Resorts Hotel wants a piece of the action. They are the most recent brand to sign a license agreement with Net Entertainment, and this includes providing games to the Mohegan Sun online brand for both mobile and desktop services.

Full License Under Review

What's so crazy about this is that their license is still under review in New Jersey, and they had to get a waiver to actually operate while their license is under review. They're looking to get a transactional waiver that will allow them to go ahead and start running their games through the Resorts Casino, and chances are that it will be approved just because the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has stated before that NetEnt is a company with a strong history.

Effects on New Jersey's Market

One effect of the UIGEA was that it really stifled competition in the US, and this means that players haven't really had access to real money play for a lot of high-quality games. When you insert Net Entertainment into the mix and they blow out what a lot of these players are used to, then you end up with a really interesting situation where they are affecting the market in a major way. You can see this in action with how it seems like everyone is jumping to offer NetEnt's games, even before their license has been officially approved.

The Future for Net Entertainment

NetEnt is known for producing some of the best online slots in the industry on a global basis, and they've had some very important strategies that have helped them to keep that going. One of those strategies, and something that's probably key for their long-term success, is that they haven't really offered games in any non-regulated environments. This has kept them away from the "bad actor" label that some other brands have been given, and it's put them in a position to be rapidly accepted in areas like New Jersey because of their track record.

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