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Microgaming Releases New Lost Vegas Zombie Slot


Over the past decade, zombie-themed video games and movies have become extremely popular, and for a while there, you would see new examples of this coming out on what seemed like a monthly basis. Microgaming has put together a zombie-themed online slot called Lost Vegas, and the premise of this game is that zombies have taken over the sin city. The gambling capital of the world in a post-apocalyptic type situation is the setting here, and you'll have plenty of ways to get paid in this wasteland.

Key Features

To keep the action high with a strong hit-rate, this title uses the 243 ways format. There is the Zombie Fist of Cash feature which appears to bust out of your screen towards you to thrill you and give you an instant payout. You can also get free spins with multiple scatters. During these free spins, you can take advantage of their Stash feature where you'll pick up all of the low-end symbols on the reels for instant payouts. You can also take advantage of a special zombie infection feature that puts you in the drivers seat with up to 50 free spins in yet another feature.

Stylistic Decisions

Something that we believe is going to really make this game stand out and get a ton of popularity is that the theme is woven in with the features in a way that makes a lot of sense. This creates a very smooth, effective and immersive level of gameplay, which is exactly what has been the number one predictor of success for online slots in the past.

Microgaming's Position

Microgaming's position in the industry cannot be denied, and their Quickfire platform is widely seen as the best option out there today. It's hard to argue with that assessment, and with the release of Lost Vegas coming just a few weeks before Halloween, it's a great timing of a great new release that's going to push their momentum along even further. This type of game is great for all kinds of players because of the high levels of action, the high hit-rates and the wide range of different types of features.


Microgaming Press Office, Microgaming's Zombie Chiller Set to Thrill This October, September 29, 2016

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