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BetSoft Debuts The Tipsy Tourist Online Slot


BetSoft is really good about doing three things with their slots that have really brought them up to the upper levels of developers. The first thing they do is that they use excellent graphics with an incredible overall presentation that beats out virtually everyone else. Second, they come up with themes and concepts that are different than most of the competition, and this makes them stand out. Third, they build great bonus features and symbols sets that fit these atypical concepts really well. You see all three of these factors in The Tipsy Tourist.

BetSoft's Newest Release

The newest BetSoft release is The Tipsy Tourist. It's a 20-payline game with five reels and three rows that focuses on a tourist who has taken a trip to the beach and is looking to have a good time partying. The tourist himself is hanging out on the right-hand side of the screen, and he's going to enjoy the beach view while you shoot for some sizable winnings. The graphics are great, the concept is atypical and the features really make sense with this theme.

Bonus Features

The tourist's name is excited to be there, and he's the center of most of the bonus featured packed into this game. You can have a drinking contest where winning will give you bigger payouts for picking up three of the red plastic cup. You can also win free spins with extra chances to get payouts. The paytable itself is pretty balanced and gives you chances to win a lot of small and medium pays with a high hit-rate.

Newest Fall Titles

BetSoft is really pushing to give players new fall titles, and The Tipsy Tourist is an excellent example. It uses 3D graphics that have really put them on the map, and it includes all of the action that you'd expect with multiple bonus features and lots of payouts like BetSoft has become known for in their games.

This is a title that will stand out as not really having the same theme as anything else we've seen before, and that's pretty typical of this company. Overall, it's just another good addition to the lineup, and sometimes it's hard to remember how good they are at producing these games because so many of them come out on a regular basis and we get used to them.

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