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WMS Moves Zeus 1000 Slot Online


If you're the type of slots fan who thinks that everything that can be done has been done, then you'll be happy to see that the Zeus 1000 game has been moved to the online environment by WMS-William Interactive. This game is the third in the Zeus Series by this company, and it's one of the most popular land-based titles that they've ever released. This game has a lot to offer, and that includes some pretty atypical bonus features.

Layout and Key Concepts

During the base game, you'll have five reels with three rows. However, this can expand into a second screen feature that we'll get to below that completely blows the whole concept of "standard slot sizes" out of the water. This game has a Greek theme with all kinds of symbols and stylization that you'd expect from a game of this size. What really catches the attention of the players is the stacked wilds and chances for free spins that give players lots of opportunities for huge wins.

Colossal Reels

In this game, WMS has used what they call Colossal Reels during the bonus feature. The way this works is that the game expands to be four times its normal size with five reels and a whooping 12 rows. This is a pretty incredible number of rows for a game, and we would like to see more games created that have atypical layouts like this, even if it's only during the bonus feature. As you can imagine, there are a ton of opportunities to win in a feature like this, and it just goes to show that new ideas and concepts from land-based games can be translated to the online environment with a lot of success.

Dual-Channel Release

Not only has WMS brought this game online, but they've also created the game so that it can be played on both a desktop and mobile environment. The idea here that players should really pay attention to is that now you can truly play this game any way you want: land-based games, mobile or desktop. This kind of switching over from land-based games to online is something that's happened for a while, but WMS has taken it a step further by releasing it directly for mobile at the same time the desktop release came out.

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