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Agames is part of BOSS Gaming Studio, which itself is a game producer and an aggregator platform. Though the brand isn’t yet all that well-known, their games more than speak for themselves. This is one of those rare cases where you will instantly remember the company if you ever try any of their games. This setup seems to work wonderfully for them. Why is that?

Because the style and tech used in these games is pretty much just perfect. It’s a small wonder the games haven’t hit through with more force, but perhaps that is just a matter of time. This is not to say that every and each slot is a perfect gem, that is hardly possible. Just that you are certain to take these slots for a few more spins than normal…

The typical slot from Agames

There’s a couple of things that stand out immediately, or at least after you’ve played a few slots a few times. First of all, most of these games seem to come with five reels of three symbols each. That is quite a classic arrangement for a good reason: players love it. It makes these games easy to get into.

Secondly, the way the graphics are laid on the reels and in the background. It’s just something that you have to witness for yourself. This is how modern mobile gaming, as well as desktop gaming, should always be done. Seamless enjoyment, and of course superb quality.

What about features then?

There is nothing too surprising here. After all, wilds, scatters, bonus games, multipliers and other features are pretty much a constant in each and every slot game out there.

What matters is how these features and specials fit the game in question, and whether or not they are mixed and changed within the company’s games. In that regard, Agames does a pretty good job.

In these slots you’ll often find a mixture of features, which combine different things for different effects. No two games are the same. The main bonus special is usually bonus spins mixed with multipliers, nudge features, wilds or some other mechanism that allows massive wins to stack up.

A mixture of paylines and paytables

When it comes to paylines the most common seems to be 20 lines from left to right. From title to title this varies, within normal limits. On some cases the company steps aside from this norm, trying a bit more modern inventions such as the 243 ways to win system.

Paytables would suggest that not all the wins are to be distributed through special features. You’ll find the usual number of symbols, distributing small and big wins alike. The games are pretty much either the high variance or medium variance, with low variance games mostly missing. It’s quite rare for the top win to go beyond 1000 times the line bet, which is where the specials come into play, especially the multipliers.

All in all, you shouldn’t walk past these slots. They offer interesting new ideas with near-perfect execution. Time to spin!