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a-games-software-review-imageAgames is a bit of a difficult company to get a touch of. This is because what they really are is a development studio for Boss Games, and as such have no need to make a noise for themselves. Without a doubt though, the name is starting to become more and more recognizable, as they push out one polished slot after another. What can we tell you about the company then?

Well, we can tell you that they produce some pretty interesting slots. Likewise, we can tell you that they have been in operation for a handful of years, holding their headquarters in Cyprus. The team is rather small, but this is not a hindrance. Rather, it allows them to produce polished and honed gems that are the shared vision of an experienced group of slot gamers.

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Small collection readily available

Though the collection of slots isn’t the largest one out there, it is certainly enough to keep you busy spinning for a good while. This also means that each game stands out on its own, offering different themes, game types, bonuses, specials and combinations of these. The themes, for example, cover everything from history to fantasy and fun. Not only that, but the games are available in both online and land-based casinos.

What sort of games to expect?

All sorts. Variety is the code word for an excellent gaming experience these days, and Agames knows all about it. Like said, it all starts from the themes which range from Ancient Egypt to King Arthur to talking mushrooms or just sweet old candy and fruits.

What we usually don’t run so often to is the sort of quality that these games present. It’s pretty clear that at least someone in the company has been working with video games and mobile games before, as the style and interface are just about perfect.

About the only thing that these games have brought over from classic slots is the five reels with three symbols each setup. Everything else has either been updated into modern times, or done from scratch altogether. Looking for something new? Look at these games.

Little know company with well-known partners

Though there’s isn’t much information available, their slots are quite widely available. This is because they, and their parent company Boss Games, has quite a large list of reliable partners.

1xBet, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and other software providers are both either offering Agames slots, or part of their white label solutions. It’s a partnership that seems to work quite well. And if the company ever wants to make it’s brand a bit better known, they already have the games in place to do so.

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