People’s Favorite Land Slots


The casino sector would not have grown the way it has if it wasn’t for slot machines. They have been highly popular ever since they first appeared in casinos. Over the years, slot machines have changed massively in both their features and their design. 

Developers of slots are constantly looking at different ways they can improve the features of a game and leave the player feeling great after playing. 

Slots players have an unending appetite for slot machines. In some regions, these slots are only available at physical casinos and online casinos may not be legal. This is why this article is solely looking at the most popular types of land-based slot machines out there today. 

A quick overview

The process of playing slots at a physical casino is very similar to playing slots online. The process of playing in real life is a better feeling as you can physically start the spins and have all of the flashing lights, sights and smells associated with being in a casino. There is usually a great atmosphere on a casino floor and it heightens the player’s emotions. 

There are a few quick tips to consider if you are going to play slots at a physical casino. You should play on a few different machines to see which one suits your needs and gives you pay offs. You want to be fully aware of the given paytable for each of the slots that you are playing. This includes knowing what you need to do in order to trigger the likes of free spins and bonus rounds. 

Naturally, as there are thousands of slots out there today, it can be hard to narrow down exactly which are the most popular choices among players. Each specific player also has their own specific needs and preferences that will need to be considered. 

However, there are certain themes that tend to be popular when it comes to slot machines. Some of the most popular of these themes are now listed below;

Ancient History theme

Whether it is the likes of Greek or Egyptian mythology, ancient history has always been a great theme for slots. You will be hard-pressed to not find such a themed slot at your casino facility, whether it is Cleopatra’s Gold, Aztec's Millions or Pharaoh’s Pyramid. 

Crime theme

A lot of slot titles these days involve cracking into the vaults of a bank, revealing the treasure that lies within. These games often have exciting bonus features and some of the leading titles include Break the Bank and Safecracker.

Television Show theme

With television shows being massively popular, it only makes sense that there are slot machines based around these fan favorites. You can see some of your favorite television characters through the slot machines. Some of the leading television themed slots include Game of Thrones, Deal or No Deal and Jeopardy. 

Hidden Treasure theme

These slots usually involve a treasure that has been hidden and oftentimes pirates who are looking to find a fortune. These games usually have great gameplay and come in more classic formats, as well as ultra-modern HD video slot formats. Some of the leading hidden treasure themed slots include Pirate’s Treasure and Chests of Plenty.

Vampire theme

These types of slots are particularly popular around the time of Halloween. These spooky games are ideal for fans of horror and/or vampires. Some games that will fit the bill for you in this regard include Greedy Goblins and Haunted House.

by Andrew O’Malley Andrew